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San Diego is one of coolest cities in the U.S.

There’s something for everyone to love about our little SoCal wonderland. But that doesn’t mean you need to learn a few basics before settling down in San Diego.

Lost tourist holding map in hands and looking at camera

After all, with great power…great responsibility and all that. Take heed.

So what makes San Diego so cool?

How about…

Like year round perfect weather? We got it.

Living near Earth’s finest beaches? Check.

Great sports? Well, sort of.

From haute cuisine to outdoor adventure, from craft beer hipster paradise to world class surfing, San Diego has it all.

But beware, young one. Learn a few basics before you get lost, towed, injured, or captured (by craft beer hipsters).

1.) Parking-

This is not a joke. Be prepared and understand the rates and the rules. San Diego is the land of the street festival, so there’s always potential for street parking nightmares.

Believe it or not, it’s also an issue when the Padres play.

2.) Drink Responsibly-

San Diego is a party town. Seriously. Make preparations and have a backup plan. In a city where you can get drinks at some the laundromats, San Diego is a party waiting to happen at any minute. Going to a meeting at 10 am on a Tuesday? Have an Uber app ready on your smart phone.

It happens in San Diego. And don’t ride your bike drunk and break your head. We get enough of that as it is.

3.) Pack A Sweater-

Yes. It’s San Diego. Yes, the weather is mostly perfect. But that doesn’t mean bad weather never happens. This is the really real world, after all.

Be ready for the freak chilly day or rain storm to come through and mess you up if you only brought your daisy dukes and tank tops. Grow up. Pack a windbreaker

4) Pack your Sunscreen

Same as above. The weather can change quickly and it’s sunny 300 days per year. Don’t get burned.

5.) Mexico-

It’s close. You can be there in about half an hour. Don’t miss out. There’s so much cool stuff in Mexico you might not want to come back. Swimming, food, beer, and beautiful people.

That being said, don’t end your stay in a proverbial Mexican prison. Obey the law and respect the locals and you’ll be fine. And don’t forget, you need a passport to get back these days.

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