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Buy a house in the fall

7 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall Real Estate Market

Fall is here!

The weather is cooling off, but the real estate market is hot!

Fall ranks as the second best time of the year to sell a home. Summer vacations are over, kids return to academic life, and you know what is right around the corner- the holidays. It is a perfect time to sell a home!

Real estate agents can look forward to a few more sales in the pipe leading into the third quarter.  Before the temperature drops and the for sale signs start popping up, there are a few things to keep in mind as the leaves are changing to red, orange, and gold.

Sell Your Home in Fall


Selling your home in the fall can feel like an endless to-do list, but if you focus on these top 7 things to do to get your house on the market and sold, you will save time, money and lower your stress.

1.  Fall in Love with Curb Appeal

Start with a touch of autumn color with chrysanthemums and marigolds in yellow. (Yellow is a top home selling color.)  Use decorative pots that are placed by the door, on steps, and lining your walkway.  Now throw in some pumpkins and a few hearty plants into the mix and you are on your way to home selling success.

Sell Your Home in Fall

2.  Say No to Drab Windows

Summer time dust, wind, and rain will leave your windows looking abandoned.  Your windows need to sparkle inside and out. Remove and clean all screens, and don’t forget to clean both inside and outside ledges.

3. Create a “Feeling” of Being Home

Walking into a home and smelling the sweet scent of freshly baked pumpkin inspired treats and hot cinnamon apple cider creates a feeling of being at home.  Make sure you create this sense of homeyness before any open house and offer these sweet treats to all potential buyers.

Tips for selling your home in the fall

4.  Speaking of Scents…

Your fresh baked cookie scent will have no impact if your furnace is pumping out musty air through every vent.  Exactly how old is your furnace filter? Buy a new furnace filter and have your HVAC system checked out before you crank up the heater.

5.  Get Tuned In With Fall Jingles

Octoberfest is a great example of what fall music to tune into during autumn months.  When it comes to selling your home in the fall, choose the mood you want to set with music.  Fun and festive or relaxing and casual with a classical instrumental vibe like this:

 6.  Bring Outdoor Colors Inside

Break out the bright red, orange, and golden hued pillows!

Throw pillows and blankets add a touch of color and comfort to any space.  When it comes to selling your home in the fall, declutter and depersonalize every room and bring in autumn hues that scream warm and cozy.

Next, be sure to welcome everyone into the space with a beautiful autumn centerpiece that catches the eye of every home buying prospect.  Pine cones, leaves, candles and a sprinkle of glitter is sure to do the trick.

7. Turn on the Lights Everywhere

Lastly, let the light shine in!  Days are getting shorter and that means the brightness of summer is dimming too.  Open everything including blinds, shutters, and drapes on every window.

Make every room as bright as possible with lamps and lights turned on, even in the closet spaces.  Backlight plants and furniture by placing small spotlights on the floor behind them and remember, the only thing that should be off is the TV.

Are There Benefits for The Fall Buyer?   

Buying a home in the fall


There is definitely less competition when shopping for a new home in the fall.

Traditionally, spring is the time of year when the average home buyer begins to emerge from the winter freeze to begin the search for a new home. By starting your search during the fall months, however, you can greatly reduce the number of potential buyers you must compete with.

With a smaller field of offers, your bid will be better suited to entice a seller in your favor.

You Have More Negotiating Power

As the busy buying and selling flurry of spring settles down, homeowners who were unable to offload their homes earlier in the year may now be more inclined to negotiate with savvy fall buyers.

As an autumn buyer, you can capitalize on the year-end squeeze home sellers may be feeling.

There Will Be Fewer Hidden Problems

As the leaves fall, so does the temperature, and with it comes cold and moisture. Because of this, homeowners looking to sell will have no choice but to fix old windows and aging furnaces.

When buying in the warmer months, it’s easy to overlook things like door seals and heating ducts. These ailments are much easier to spot in the winter, potentially saving you a headache before winter rolls in.

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