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Best Real Estate Agent Mobile Apps

You’re busy.  We get it.

Real estate agents are on the move.  Without movement and momentum, it is tough to win in this game.

Staying connected to clients, prospects, brokers, and the rest of your team is critical to not only building great relationships, but maintaining them as well.

So try these “Top real estate apps for 2016″…

2016 Best Mobile Apps

HYPERLAPSE-Create Engaging Hyperlapse Home Videos

This is fun!  Show off that new listing with style and ease.  Capture the entire house, yard, and all the perks potential buyers want to see in a video that you can speed up and turn into an interesting, engaging, polished time-lapse video with Hyperlapse from Instagram.

Showcase your next listing with a 15-20 second tour or open house recap!

To Get the Hyperlapse App, Click Here!

Screen Shots from the App Below

Best Video Apps for Real Estate Agents

1) Take a video. 2) Choose your Hyperlapse speed. 3) Save & share!

Hyperlapse Tutorial Video

NEXTDOOR-The BEST Location Based Social Network App for Agents 

If you are even thinking about farming a neighborhood, this is a must have app.

Nextdoor is a location-based social network meant to connect neighbors. You sign up by putting in a local address.   You are then connected to everyone in that neighborhood.

Now you can read about or post  everything from what’s on sale at your favorite store, tell everyone about your upcoming happy hour, when the next block party is, send market updates, warn neighbors about recent crimes, and even ask who has some extra butter.

Get a local Postal Annex Box.  Get the app.  Join.  

Here is the link:

Real Estate Agent farming ideas

BOND-Impress with Beautifully Handwritten Notes

We love this app!  Why?

Because every time you send someone a handwritten note card to say thank you, or great job, or congratulations on your new home purchase, they are immediately more emotionally invested.

Now you can send a note, create that warm fuzzy relationship vibe, right from your phone.

This app is one to use every single time you want to say thank you to a buyer or seller in a very special way.  Throw it back to a handwritten note that makes the $3.50 per card totally worth it.

Check out this cool new app here:

“Companies spend $23 billion on customer relationship management tools to understand and have a more personal relationship with their customers. We are the physical implementation of that.” -Sonny Caberwal, Founder/CEO

Bond Introduction Video

HOMEKEEPR-Stay Connected Even After the Sale

Three words to live by in real estate:  RELATIONSHIPS.  RELATIONSHIPS. RELATIONSHIPS.  Just because the sold sign came down, the keys were handed over and the champagne glasses clinked in celebration doesn’t mean that the valuable client relationship is over.

Want more referrals?  Stay connected after the sale!

This agent-branded app keeps you in touch with past clients by sending maintenance reminders for their home. PLUS you can set up a list of your preferred vendors for specific home services for your client.

Find out more here:

This in app screen shot shows you how to organize your vendors and send their contact information to your buyers when it’s time for a home check up.   

Best mobile apps for real estate agents


WAZE-Avoid the Hassle of Traffic Jams

A real estate agents life is literally spent in the car and on the road.

It makes sense to have an app to help you navigate the roads, tell you where the traffic is, constructions zones, a car pulled over that is creating a slow down, or better, faster ways to get you where you need to me.

WAZE is the best traffic app out there so you can impress and show off your killer time management skills.

Get it at:

Real Estate Agent Must Have Apps

DARK SKY-Keep Your Open Houses Sunny with Hyper-Forecasting

Make sure your buyer open houses are never rained out!

To the minute hyper-local weather forecasting and tons of added features makes this a great app to help you schedule meetings, open houses, video and photography shoots, and so much more.

See more at:

Real Estate Agent Weather App

CIRCLEBACK-Keep Your Contact List Clutter Free

Its important to keep your prospect database, vendor contacts, and other important people listed in your phone fresh and clutter free.

  • With CircleBack you can do that!
  • Cleans up old contacts
  • Choose favorites and
  • Captures contacts from email signatures
  • Syncs across multiple contacts
  • Syncs with Sales force.

This address book management app will clean up and organize your contact list while keeping you connected. Easily remove duplicate contacts, old contacts you haven’t recently contacted and much more.

See more at:

Check out how simple this app is to get your network across multiple channels into one place!


VERT-Got Square Footage? Measure a Home in a Swipe!

A real estate agent walks into a room…

Scan it for measurements to help you prepare your listing in a swipe!

This app has got you covered, it literally has a converter for EVERYTHING.

Realtors often need to convert metrics of all kinds from size, height, length, width, all the way to currency.

Just tap on the measurement and then swipe. Boom!

Get it here: iTunes App Only

Conversion App for Real Estate Agents

DROPBOX-Share Documents, Videos, Photos Fast

Easily drop everything related to your real estate biz in Dropbox!

Keep files and photos, documents and videos all in one place and share them with anyone.

This mega storage is the perfect place for your all in one storage and you can send links to share a single file, a folder, and assign what those you share with are able to do (view, edit, author, etc.)  Try Dropbox Pro for even more storage for larger files!

Here a few great reasons besides file sharing and storage that make Dropbox even better:

  • Print Files on Your Printer from Any Phone or Remote Computer via Dropbox
  • Droplink lets you link your computer files to Dropbox
  • Spotdox add on helps you access all your files from anywhere, anytime.
  • Mover will back up your files for you
  • Safemonk is another added benefit that encrypts your sensitive files to keep them safe within Dropbox

Watch and learn how easy it really is to drop everything in one place!

Get Dropbox at:

Dropbox How To Video

VIDSTITCH-Create Quality Home Photo & Video Collage

So you want to take photos of your real estate listing, and a video, and post it for everyone to see…in one collage?  No problem!

If you are not utilizing Instagram to showcase your listings, you are missing a MASSIVE opportunity for exposure!  Instagram is the biggest social networking site for photography and gaining in popularity every day.

Now Instagram users can make their pictures and videos more interesting.

Vidstitch Pro for Instagram lets you combine photos and videos into a single collage so you can share walk through videos combined with photos of the exterior and interior of the home, all in one awesome collage!

You can even add a sound track and change the width and color of the frame.

You know you want it!  Here you go:  VIDSTITCH APP

Quick In App How To Vidstich Video


We meet and greet all day long in the real estate business and business cards can start to stack up.

Not anymore!

Keeping track of our contacts and who we meet at socials, conferences, and real estate events can be challenging.  Stop tossing them in a drawer with Foxcard.

Foxcard scans business cards into your phone, organizes them and adds them to your contact list in minutes.  Here is what some of the top business reports are saying about Foxcard:

  • Must-Have Apps for Salespeople – The Wall Street Journal
  • The best OCR scanner for business card – Wired
  • The business cards just jump into your phones. It’s that easy to use! – CNC

Forget saving those cards you think you will get to one day to add to your phone list.  Do it on the spot with Foxcard!

Get it here:  Foxcard App

Check out this review and how to video

VENMO-Fast Pay Option for Agents on the Go

Lunch meetings with clients?  Need to pay a bill or send money to a vendor?

Venmo is the way people are sending money theses days (quick and easy).

Imagine being out on the go and easily being able to pay vendors, grab supplies, split lunch on the go, and making sure your bills are paid on time!

Get VENMO here:


Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

EVERNOTE SCANNABLE-Scan and Send Anything From Anywhere

This was a toss up between iScanner and Evernote Scannable.

They are both free apps but Evernote put out a slightly superior product making it easy to scan everything from sticky notes to receipts, offer sheets to closing documents or any other file vital to your real estate business all on your phone!

Get it here:

Evernote Video

POCKET-Save Real Estate Articles Fast & Easy

We believe in self-improvement.

Big Block Realty is not shy about our feelings related to sharpening your saw, meaning we want you to seek out the latest information to help your business thrive.

Pocket is a fantastic app to have when you run across an article, newsletter, quote, or any other tidbit of information that you may not have time for in that moment but want to remember to get back to it later because it is THAT good.

It saves it for you for later, right in your pocket!

Put it in your pocket here:

Apps for Real Estate Agents on the Go

1PASSWORD-Put Your Passwords in 1 Place 

How many times have you had to click the “forgot my password” link?

Never again with 1Password.  This app keeps your busy real estate agents organized when it comes to password being kept safe and sound across multiple devices in one place.

PLUS they offer 1Password for teams so you can set up vaults with important office passwords with key staff.  AMAZING!

See more at:

Video For 1Password (Check this guy out)

BUFFER-Manage Your Social Media Platforms 

We hope by now you realize that maintaining relationships in 2016 and beyond means you need to social media UP!

Buffer makes it easy to stay in touch with past clients, market to your sphere, find referral partners, and so much more.

But with so many social networking platforms to juggle, this app makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms in just a few clicks! Now you can stay on top of your marketing with just a few simple clicks.

Get Buffer here:

Best Social Media App for Real Estate Agents

This app helps you do a weekly check up on your social media engagement to find out how your audience is responding to your pasts.  PLUS you can schedule your posts out so you can get back to being face to face with your clients knowing you are not neglecting your online relationship building.

Check out the scheduling and analytics

best realtor mobile applications

DEDUCTR 2-Take the Stress Out of Tax Time

Never let them see you stress (and by that we mean your clients).

Let’s face it. Taxes suck and they are stressful.   Since we can’t avoid them, make it at least easier with Deduct2.

This app tracks business income and expenses, log receipts, even track mileage using your phone’s GPS.

When your are ready to file, jump on the Deductr website to create a profit & loss report, tax summary, mileage summary and more.

Get started here:

VIDEO: See how Deductr Can Help You With Your Taxes

 Google Maps-Map It Out and Send Directions In a Snap

Real estate agents are mapping and tracking, moving about all day long.  Your listings are spread out and meeting up with potential buyers from Pacific Beach ot East Lake to North County in one day isn’t a stretch.

Stay on the map with Google Maps!  Send locations, get directions, and even find the closest drive through coffee spot on the go!  Look at how many businesses are using Google Maps!

You know what to do.  Click here:


Zillow Mortgage Calculator-Get to the Bottom Line in Seconds

Get your buyer that bottom line number in second!  Calculate payments and interest in seconds with just a few clicks.

This number one rated mortgage calculator makes it super easy to crunch numbers at your finger tips.

Check it out here:

Real Estate Agent Mortgage App

DOCUSIGN-Get Docs Signed, Seal, & delivered On the Go

If you are not using this… download it RIGHT NOW. Over 50 million people worldwide use this app that will save you time, money, and headaches.

This easy, fast, and hassle free document signing app is PERFECT for real movers and shakers in the real estate world! Get it signed, seal, and SOLD with Docusign!

This video shows you just how easy going paperless can be!

If you want to see more go here:

This video shows you how it works

We hope these great, must have mobile apps for real estate agents help you stay organized, stay connected, stay on track and as always, we hope they help you WIN BIG!

To your success,


Oliver, Sam, and Spencer
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