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Cardiff Kook Real Estate

The Kook In All His Glory

The World Famous Cardiff Kook

The Cardiff Kook statue on the famous pacific coast highway has become something of a world wide phenomenon.

The famed statue was commissioned by the Cardiff Botanical Society for $92,000 and installed in 2007.

Soon after it’s installation it drew immediate criticism by the locals.

Many of them stating that the statue looked more like a ballet dancer than a surfer and not at all representing “true surfing form”.  Maybe it’s the limp wrists, arms in an awkward position, the “stink-bug” stance, or the pitiful spray – instead of a beautiful wave.

Whatever it is the people have spoken… Originally named “Magic Carpet Ride” by sculptor Matthew Antichevich it has since taken on the name of “The Cardiff Kook”.

Today it has become the target of pranksters all over the world.

People will decorate it with all sort’s of crazy things from giant sharks and monsters ,  to marriage proposals and prom announcements.

Check out some of these pics…

Cardiff Kook 2 Cardiff homes

Cardiff Kook 3 Cardiff Real Estate

Cardiff Kook 4 Cardiff Real Estate

Located in Cardiff by the Sea it sits near some of the best surf spots in San Diego.

You can drive by the statue any day of the week and you have a pretty good chance of seeing it all dressed up!

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