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If you’re looking to get an amazing condo you might want to consider buying a home for sale the bustling, thriving Downtown, San Diego.

Downtown San Diego, the cultural, financial and central business district for San Diego County is also known as Centre City.

Downtown San Diego is surrounded by San Diego Bay in the west, Sherman Heights & Gold Hill to the east and Barrio Logan/Logan Heights to the southeast. On the northwest, Downtown San Diego is flanked by the San Diego International Airport.

Downtown San Diego is made up of diverse and unique neighborhoods, each with its own vibe and history. If you’re interested in buying a house for sale in San Diego or moving to the Downtown San Diego area, it’s probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the city’s wonderful neighborhoods.

The Marina District was once warehouses and industrial storage, but now it’s comprised of beautiful condominiums and townhouses, and apartments ranging from run of the mill to ultra-luxury. Residents love the neighborhood’s proximity to the waterfront boardwalk and the Seaport Village.

San Diego, the eighth largest city in America, has a downtown area that is comprised of a variety of districts and neighborhoods.

These include:

  • Columbia (the west district)
  • Core District (the central business district)
  • Cortez Hill (the north-east district)
  • East Village (the east district)
  • Gaslamp Quarter (a two by ten block night life district)
  • Little Italy (the north-west district)
  • Marina (the south-west district, home to Seaport Village and Pantoja Park)
  • Horton District (the district with Horton Plaza and other buildings in central downtown)
  • Seaport Village (a tourist district within the Marina District – not an official district or neighborhood)Each part of downtown San Diego has different selling points, but when you work with a real estate professional such as someone from our team at Big Block, you can feel confident that we’ll take you through all the options.