Big Block Realty 100% Commission Real Estate Broker Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:36:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Big Block Realty 32 32 126286671 San Diego Real Estate Closing Costs – The Complete List Mon, 08 May 2017 16:51:37 +0000 When you purchase a home or other real property in San Diego there will be fees associated with the purchase, let’s break them down below…

The “closing” occurs when the seller transfers the title of the property to the buyer.

Both the buyer and the seller will incur closing costs. Remember, some fees are negotiable and some are favorable to one side, if you have a specific question you can contact us.

What are San Diego Real Estate Closing Cost Terms You Need to Know? 

Closing Cost San Diego Checklist

A complete list and explanations of typical closing costs terms are provided below.


What kinds of fees can you expect to pay at closing? 

The type of property you buy along with the type of loan you choose affects the fees you will pay.  The following is a list of all closing cost terms; however, you may not have to pay all of them.

  • APPLICATION FEE: This is the fee you will pay to apply for a loan.  this is also known as a loan “processing” fee. Lenders will run a credit check to see whether you qualify for the loan.
  • APPRAISAL: A professional appraisal company will determine the fair market value of the home or real property.
  • ATTORNEY FEE: An attorney will review all the closing documents on behalf of the lender or the buyer.
  • CREDIT REPORT: The lender will purchase a credit report to determine the buyer’s credit history and the credit score (a number which determines creditworthiness or risk).  The credit score determines how high the loan’s interest rate will be.
  • COURIER FEE: This fee pays for the transportation of all documents required to obtain the loan.
  • ESCROW OR CLOSING FEE: Either an escrow company, a title company, or an attorney will conduct the closing. It is the job of the escrow company to handle all funds in a real estate transaction. in San Diego, buyers and sellers usually pay their own escrow fees. The fee for each party is based on the purchase price of the home, which is $2 per $1,000, plus a $250 base fee. Additional fees may include a courier service, document preparation, and other services provided over the course of the escrow.

Here is a link for Open Escrow, they are our preferred escrow company.

  • PROPERTY TAXES & MORTGAGE INSURANCE DEPOSIT: buyers will be asked to pay two months of mortgage insurance and property taxes as a deposit with the closing agent.
  • HOME INSPECTION: the home will be inspected by a professional to determine its condition and what home repairs are needed before the closing.
  • FLOOD DETERMINATION: a professional will be hired to see if the home is located in a flood zone.  If it is, the buyer will have to purchase flood insurance for the life of the loan.
  • FHA UP-FRONT MORTGAGE INSURANCE PREMIUM (UFMIP):  if you obtain a fha loan, the ufmip will have to be paid, which is 1.75% of the actual loan amount.  You have the option to include this within the loan payments to avoid paying upfront.
  • HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION TRANSFER FEE: if you are purchasing a condominium or a home within a closed community of homes, the seller pays for the transfer of association membership to the buyer.  This proves that dues are currently paid and shows what the dues are and includes a copy of the association’s financial statements and other important notices.  Buyers need to look at these documents to make sure the association holds enough reserves to pay for expected maintenance and repairs of all the common areas (lobby, elevators, gym, pool, social area, etc.).  Also look for any “special assessments” like pending lawsuits or other expenses.  The association rules, regulations, by-laws, and cc & r’s (covenants and restrictions of use) should also be provided.
  • HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE: this is an insurance policy covering damages to your home.  Normally, the first year’s coverage is paid at the closing.
  • OWNER’S TITLE INSURANCE: this is usually an option which protects you in case someone challenges your home ownership.
  • LENDER’S TITLE INSURANCE: your lender will have insurance protecting the property’s title.  It covers problems affecting clear title such as boundary disputes and prior liens not paid at the closing.
  • ORIGINATION FEE: this pays for the lender’s administrative costs.  Normally, it is around 1% of the total loan.  There are some mortgages with no origination fee.
  • PEST INSPECTION: this covers the costs of inspecting for termites and dry rot which is required for all government loans and in most states. Necessary repairs can be expensive if termites are discovered or wood damage like dry rot.
  • PREPAID INSURANCE: many lenders require prepaying any interest accruing from the closing to the date of your first mortgage payment.
  • PROPERTY TAX: normally, lenders require that any property tax due to be paid within the first 60 days of the purchase, to be paid at the closing.  You can calculate your property tax with this property tax calculator.
  • PRIVATE MORTGAGE INSURANCE (PMI): if your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s total purchase price, you must obtain a pmi and pay the first month’s pmi at closing.
  • RECORDING FEES: the filing of all legal documents like the title deed at the local government recording office (county or city) requires a fee to be paid at closing,
  • SURVEY COSTS: a professional survey company may be required to inspect the property’s boundaries verifying that all fences and property lines are not shared with neighbors.
  • TITLE SEARCH: the title company investigates the property’s public records including the title deed verifying no one has made any claims against full title to the property.
  • TRANSFER TAX: this is a tax paid when the title transfers from the seller to the buyer.
  • UNDERWRITING FEES:  this is a lender’s fee for investigating whether you qualify in order to approve you for the loan.
  • VA FUNDING FEE: a veteran’s administration (va) loan requires paying a fee at closing.  You have the option to include this fee in the mortgage to be paid over the life of the loan.  There are exemptions from this fee which is a percentage of the loan amount. This is a list of the costs for a va funding fee and a list of all fees for va loans.


Closing Cost Fees - San Diego

Now that you know the fee terms related to the home buying and closing process,  let’s look at some average fee amounts for closing costs in San Diego.

  • Loan origination fees: 1 or 2 percent of a loan total
  • Loan processing fees: flat fee $400
  • Underwriting fee:  flat fee $500
  • Appraisal fee: a flat $450
  • Credit check: $25-35
  • Flood area certification: $50
  • Servicing for escrow account: $75
  • Title insurance: $175
  • Filing cost for title fees: $180
  • City recording fees: $125
  • Transfer tax in California: $1.10 per 1k of total sale amount
  • Homeowner’s insurance: $1,000-$1,500 a year
  • Escrow processing: $175 on average
  • Wire and courier services: $175

Overall closing costs on any real estate transaction depends on the type of property, final sales price, and what the terms of the purchase agreement are between buyer and seller.

The final closing costs are calculated after the close of escrow.

What is Lender Payoff?

Closing Costs San Diego - Lender Payoff

If you want to add the lender payoff into your overall calculation of closing costs, here is what you need to consider.

If you owe on the house you are selling, your lender will collect any principal balance, unpaid interest, and also may charge additional fees to close the account.  Additional fees may include:

  • DEMAND|STATEMENT FE– cost to provide a payoff amount to the escrow company.
  • RECONVEYANCE|RELEASE FEE – cost to close the loan and to release the lender’s interest in the property.
  • RECORDING FEE – cost to record the deed at the county recorder’s office.
  • Any unpaid late fees

Documentary Transfer Tax

In California, the seller pays the Documentary and Property Transfer Tax, which is usually $1.10 per $1,000 of the purchase price. Some cities have higher rates. This tax is split between the County and the City.

 The Fine Print

Buyers have a list of things for the seller to do in order for them to follow through on the purchase of the home.

There are termite inspection costs, one year home warranty, natural hazard disclosure report, and complete repairs for common household things like a plumbing leak, replacing a roof, or clearing a termite infestation and repairing termite damage.

After inspections are completed, this is the time when buyers and sellers negotiate the fine print line items.

Bottom Line

You can estimate what your costs will be with your agent.  With the right agent, you will know where every penny is being spent… every step of the way.

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Top “Things To Do” In Solana Beach – Best of San Diego Wed, 05 Apr 2017 21:32:25 +0000 There is a rich culture in this 4 square mile seaside town.  This video highlights a few of our favorite places in this southern California, family friendly beach community.

Solana Beach is known for its beautiful weather, pristine beaches, and a wide array of area attractions.

The city has a total area of 3.6 square miles. 3.5 square miles of it is land and 0.1 square miles of it is water.

Over 12,000 residents call this small beach community their home. The Pacific Ocean is to the west; the community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea to the north, and the City of Del Mar to the south. The unincorporated village of Rancho Santa Fe is located on the east side.

Day Time Activities: 

Explore One Of Five Beaches

Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat.

Solana Beach Beaches

Dog No Alcohol

Tide Beach Park is the north beach of Solana Beach, CA. This local favorite is accessed by a long set of stairs from the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Solana Vista Drive and you’ll be at a semicircular cove below tall steep bluffs.

At high tide the beach is confined to this cove. When the tide allows, you can walk from here north to Seaside Beach in Cardiff State Beach or south to Fletcher Cove. Also at low tide you can explore tide pools at the north end of the cove. 

Other activities include; surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, beach walking and sunbathing.

Click on the links below to explore the beautiful beaches of Solana Beach

  Solana Beach Beaches Solana Beach Beaches Solana Beach Beaches Solana Beach Beaches Solana Beach Beaches

Tide Beach ParkSeaside Beach | Shores Beach | Fletcher Cove Beach | Seascape Sur Beach |

Best Surf Spots

Solana Beach Surf Spots

                                                                                      Dog No Alcohol

Del Mar Shores | If you don’t mind the five flights of stairs tucked away off of Del Mar Shores Terrace, you’ll likely have this beach break at the north end of the cove to yourself.

Seascape Surf | During Summer the surfing area is marked by black and white checkered flags.  A classic beach break here offers shifting peaks, and few crowds.

Fletcher Cove | This beach was created with water hoses and determination back before the Coastal Commission oversaw coastal recreation and developers could do as they wished.What was once a sandstone bluff is now a nicely groomed, deep, sandy beach.  During the Summer there are designated surfing and swimming areas.  At either side of the cove, the surfing areas offer typical beach breaks.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Annie’s Canyon Trail

Solana Beach Trails

Pet Friendly No Alcohol

Hike into one of the wildest stretches of San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve.

Annie’s Canyon Trail, open to visitors capable of hiking steep switchbacks leading to awe-inspiring views. The trail is a moderate-to-strenuous ¼-mile loop trail accessible from Solana Hills trail and Rios Avenue trail.

Naturally eroding sandstone walls create a sense of mystery and wonder. Imagine what this canyon view revealed to the Kumeyaay and early settlers. It’s likely this was a spiritual place for many people with its sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and lagoon at an elevation of 200-feet above sea level.

Click Here to go on a virtual hike |

Mushroom Cave Hike

The Mushroom Cave Hike in Solana Beach                                     

                                               Pet Friendly No Alcohol

This hike has narrow crevices embellished with spray paint, such a unique place and definitely a sight for sore eyes. The hike to get there, itself, is not difficult at all but spotting it would be impossible if you did not know where to look. There are no signs to direct you to it but that’s kind of what makes this place so special.

As you squeeze through the narrows, you will eventually reach the very top of the caves where you are greeted with an amazing view of the lagoon and San Elijo beach. The climb up and the descent down are a bit slippery but that’s the beauty in the struggle! Fun, short hike to a quirky hidden gem.

| Click Here to explore this amazing place yourself |

Fletcher Cove Park

Solana Beach parks

                                                                                     Dog No Alcohol

Fletcher Cove Park is one of a kind as it sits at the top of Fletcher Cove Beach allowing park-goers to enjoy both beach views and play, all at the same time. The park includes a picturesque viewing deck, grassy area & playground, plus tables & a basketball court.

📍111 S Sierra Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Cedros Avenue Farmer’s Market

Solana Beach Farmer’s Market

 No Alcohol

The fabulous Cedros Avenue Farmer’s Market takes place every Sunday from 12:00-4:00pm. The local vendors fill the market with  fruits, veggies, meats, breads, pastries, sauces, soaps, flowers, plants, jewelry, clothing and lots of surprises!

📍444 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach, CA

                      Farmers Market Farmers Market Farmers Market Farmers Market

| Click Here for Street Fair Dates & Hours |

Fitness & Health:

Enjoy A Yoga Class At Yoga Six

Yoga Solana Beach

 Dog No Alcohol

Located on the 2nd floor of a freestanding building in Beachwalk Center, Yoga Six Solana Beach is part of an active, seaside community. Enjoy the neighborhood both before and after class – zip down the beach steps to go for a walk or surf.

Yoga Six changes the way people think about and experience yoga. Mystical and ethereal are out; modern, results-oriented yoga is in. Their approach to yoga is rooted in science and delivers real results by focusing on the body as the gateway to the mind.

| Visit the Yoga Six Website |

Stratum Fitness (Crossfit)

Gyms in Solana Beach

                                               Dog No Alcohol

Stratum Fitness is the gym of your dreams. The 2,500-square-foot facility is a hop, skip, and jump away from the sparkling Pacific Ocean. The gorgeous locale is just one of many attractive features they have to offer.

There’s top-of-the-line equipment, ample space, and a variety of programs for you to choose from. Plus, a team of devoted coaches who are ready and waiting.

| Visit the Stratum Fitness Website |

Dig Into History:

The Heritage Museum

Solana Beach Museum

                                                Dog No Alcohol

The Solana Beach Heritage Museum was built in 1887, the Museum is the first home built in the community. In a visit to the Museum, you will discover the key to sleepy Lockwood Mesa’s transformation into bustling Solana Beach.

A timeline photo exhibit traces the arrival of Indians, Spanish explorers, Mexican Silver Dons, American farmers and Mexican ranch hands. Early pictures of the development of the community of Solana Beach also are featured.

The Museum is open to the public on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

📍715 Valley Avenue, Solana Beach, CA

Visit the Museum Website |

Explore The Solana Beach Library

Solana Beach Library

                                               Dog No Alcohol

What a beautiful library! Just like Solana Beach, itself, the Solana Beach library is gorgeous yet low-key. Located on the campus of Earl Warren Middle School, this should be the wave of the future in consolidating schools and libraries near or even adjacent to one another.

Plus the design is modern and stimulating. Fresh, vibrant colors are used and industrial style design gives the Solana Beach Library a contemporary feel so kids feel cool about hanging there. It is most definitely NOT like the stuffy, dingy and bland libraries of the past!

📍157 Stevens Ave, Solana Beach, CA

The Cedros Design District

Cedros Design District Solana Beach

Pet Friendly No Alcohol

The Cedros Design District is one of the few San Diego neighborhoods that predominately features DIY designers and artists in a modest sunny landscape. Adjacent to the 101 and across from Solana Beach’s train station, the humble three blocks surface a creative haven for any design appetite.

Hidden amongst Cedros District favorites like the Belly Up and Leaping Lotus are precious gems that make morning to noon to night a genuine dive.

📍410 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA

Delicious Food & Drinks:

Lockwood Table Cafe

Lockwood Table Cafe Solana Beach

Pet Friendly No Alcohol

Hidden away off the mainstreet in Cederos this place is a local gem. The cafe serves health-focused sandwiches & breakfast are served in this spare, modern cafe with tables in & out.

| Click Here to Check Out The Menu |

Get Creative at Naked Cafe

Best places to eat in Solana Beach
Pet Friendly

Do you want to get Naked in Solana Beach? Of course, we’re talking about getting a bite to eat at Naked Cafe, and not the other thing that you might be thinking – save that for Blacks Beach, if you’re so adventurous. 

This popular breakfast and lunch only spot is a “must try” for anyone visiting Solana Beach, and is definitely worth the drive up from San Diego. 

| Click Here to check out the menu |

The Curious Fork

Solana Beach food

Pet Friendly

At the Curious Fork Cafe, they believe that a true passion for food is always best when shared. This unique eatery offers the opportunity to share culinary knowledge through their school, café, and unique, personal product experiences.

                                 top things to do in Carlsbad   Top things to do in carlsbad

| Click Here to Check Out this Unique Cafe |

Have A Slice At California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Solana Beach

Pet Friendly

The California Pizza Kitchen is a chain eatery serving up inventive pizzas as well as plates of pasta & salads in a modern setting. The menu prices appropriate for the quality of food ordered, also offered well priced alcoholic beverages, wine, and beer if desired.

| Check Out the Menu |

Grab A Craft Beer

Pizza Port Craft Beer

   Pet Friendly

The local pizza chain, Pizza Port is known for its craft brews and is popular with families, beer fans & surfers alike. This local spot is the perfect way to soak up the California culture while enjoying a cold brew and handmade pizza all while making new friends.  

               Pizza Port Pizza in Solana Beach  Pizza Port Pizza in Solana Beach  Pizza Port Pizza in Solana Beach  Pizza Port Solana Beach

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Craving Some Italian

Crush Solana Beach

Pet Friendly

Hearty Italian fare & brick-oven pizzas served in chic, upscale rooms with open-air dining spaces. If you are looking for the perfect date night, girls night out or upscale restaurant to treat yourself, look no further than this amazing must try Italian restaurant. 

| Click Here to find your perfect meal |

Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar

Samurai Japanese Restaurant


Japanese entrees featuring meat & fish plus an array of creative sushi rolls in a vibrant room. This is a must try for all meat & fish lovers!

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Pamplemousee Grille

Pamplemousse Grille Solana Beach


This elegant restaurant is known for its beautifully prepared, creative French-New American cuisine crafted from fresh, local ingredients courtesy of the top-notch chef.  In other words, if you are looking for an extraordinary wine, this place is well worth the money for a special occasion.

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Night Life: 

Culture Brewing Co.

Culture Brewing Company Solana Beach

Pet Friendly

Trendy microbrewery features a modern-rustic tasting room with craft beers on tap & patio seating. This is the perfect daytime or evening spot to enjoy a beer with some good company. 

Open until 9:00 pm

📍111 S Cedros Ave Suite 200, Solana Beach, CA 92075

The Belly Up

The Belly Up in Solana Beach


The Belly Up is the perfect late night spot to enjoy some good music and a cocktail. The intimate music venue creates a lively yet casual scene with a rotating lineup of popular acts. This is a small music venue but a local favorite for its coastal location. 

Open until 2:00 am on the weekends.

📍143 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

The Saddle Bar

The Saddle Bar Solana Beach


Shhhhhh…it’s a secret. 

Clint Eastwood’s son Scott is one of the owners of this “cheers’ of Solana Beach.  

Literally only a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean, Saddle Bar continues to be known as the place to go for great service, dancing, live music and DJ’s several nights a week.

When the Del Mar Race Track opens in the summer time, Saddle Bar is a favorite watering hole for the jockey’s, trainers and fans of horse racing. Only a mile from the track, and typically the first bar to open in the morning (and the last bar to close), it has always been the place to get drinks before or after the races.

Open until 2:00 am on the weekends.

📍123 Plaza St, Solana Beach, CA 92075

The Tidewater Tavern

The Tidewater Tavern Solana Beach


This classic beach town tavern located on historic Pacific Coast Highway 101 in Solana Beach. The nautical-themed neighborhood haunt with burgers, tacos & other eats, plus pool tables, trivia & TVs.

Open until 12:00 am on the weekends.

📍221 N Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075


Bonfire in Solana Beach

                                                    Dog No Alcohol

Fires are allowed from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and are limited only to fire rings, barbecues, hibachis, or other containers specifically constructed for this purpose. No fires permitted on the sand, in a pit, etc. Pallets are NOT allowed for firewood. You must fully extinguish your fire with water when you are through.


Sunsets in Solana Beach

                                                     Dog No Alcohol

Solana Beach sunsets are epic and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. When in town make sure you take the time to drive, bike, walk or run down the coast and find a spot to enjoy the beautiful coastal sunsets of Solana Beach.

Sunsets in Solana Beach Sunsets in Solana Beach Sunsets in Solana Beach Sunsets in Solana Beach

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Top Restaurants and Bars in Carlsbad, CA (Best of San Diego) Thu, 23 Mar 2017 20:22:01 +0000 We get excited about discovering the best places to eat or have a drink in communities throughout San Diego.  This list includes some of our favorites spots in the north county coastal city of Carlsbad.


Beach Plum Kitchen

Beach Plum Kitchen

Pet Friendly No Alcohol

This local favorite breakfast and lunch spot is known for their amazing service and mouth-watering food choices. The environment is family friendly and so is the menu, serving; eggs, sandwiches & other American cafe items, plus a patio.

| Click Here to Check Out The Menu |

Daily News Cafe

Breakfast in Carlsbad

Pet Friendly

The Daily News Cafe is placed in the heart of Carlsbad Village giving it a beautiful landscape and incredible weather that makes the patio seating a favorite spot for locals. Whether you are yearning for the best homemade French toast, an omnipotent omelet or one of the very best Belly Bomber Burgers, they have what it takes to satisfy your brreakfast craving!

| Keep your mouth watering by clicking here to see the menu |

Get Creative at Cafe Topes

breakfast in carlsbadPet Friendly

This cozy little cafe is known for their amazing freshly baked cinnamon rolls as well as their freshly brewed coffee. This place could not feel more like home with the best decor in town! Not to mention the breakfast food is to die for. 

   Breakfast       breakfast in carlsbad        breakfast in carlsbad

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Grab a Coffee At Baba

Coffee shop

Pet Friendly

Baba Coffee is located in the Village of Carlsbad. Locals enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a craft beer, paired with delicious food in the open air outpost. The combine original creations with Pannikin Coffee & Pastries, Prager Brothers Bread, VG Donuts and Tea Gallerie.

                 top things to do in Carlsbad   Top things to do in carlsbad

Click Here to Check Out the Menu |

The Best Sandwich In Town

Board and Brew Carlsbad

Pet Friendly

Looking for something fast and easy without sacrificing flavor and health? Board and Brew is the place for you! Known by locals for having the best sandwiches and sauce around, not to mention they also offer a selection of craft beer. This surf themed restaurant is something you won’t want to miss out on!

They also offer gluten-free wraps & salads!

| Check Out the Menu |

Fresh & Delicious Swami’s Cafe

Swamis Cafe Carlsbad

Pet Friendly

Looking for the best health food prepared from responsibly-grown produce & locally-sourced ingredients than look no further Swami’s Cafe is the place to go! The options are endless and the food is beyond amazing.

Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian options available.

 Swamis Cafe Carlsbad   Swamis Cafe Carlsbad  Swamis cafe carlsbad

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Pizza Port Bressi Ranch

Pizza Port

Pet Friendly

If you’re trying to watch your favorite sports team, have a cold one and also get a bite to eat Pizza Port is the perfect place! Best known for its Pizza Port Brewing Company this place sure knows how to pair a great pizza and salad with the perfect beer.  

| Click Here to find your perfect pizza |

Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar



The Blue Ocean Robata & Sushi Bar is a splashy Japanese eatery serving specialty rolls, grilled skewers with sake and creative cocktails. This sushi bar will not disappoint your craving for the perfect sea food dish. 

Vegetarian dishes are also available!

    top-things-to-do-in-carlsbad-ca    top-things-to-do-in-carlsbad-ca    top-things-to-do-in-carlsbad-caaa    top-things-to-do-in-carlsbad-caaaa

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana

Italian food


Vigilucci’s Cucina Italiana is a bit on the pricey side but makes for a great date night. The bustling Italian bistro serves everything from pasta to veal & seafood with beautiful outdoor seating. This place is sure to impress your date with their amazing Italian cuizine and wine pairings. 

| Click Here to check out the menu |

Enjoy A Glass of Wine at La Costa Wine Co.

Winery Carlsbad


La Costa Wine Company offers a food and wine experience that leaves customers speechless. If wine and food are your thing this is the place for you! The wine and food pairing at La Costa Wine Company is unlike another. 

| Click here to learn more about the wine & amazing food |


The Alley

the alley


The Alley is a local favorite lively nightspot with a full bar, karaoke & DJ nights, plus a house band playing weekly. The crowd ranges in age, so you definitely won’t be the youngest or the oldest in the bar. If you are looking for good drinks and a night out, this is the place to go! 

Open until 2:00 am on the weekends.

📍421 Grand Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Hennessey’s Tavern

hennessey's Tavern


This Irish-style pub chain serves breakfast, bar bites, burgers & more in a casual, traditional space. They also offer an unforgettable night experience including; music, dancing and great drinks! 

Open until 2:00 am on the weekends.

📍2777 Roosevelt St, Carlsbad, CA 92008

The Compass Bar

The compass bar


This Carlsbad nightlife bar offers a great time along with great food. The gastropub offers outdoor tables & red banquettes serving twists on classic American bar food.If you’re okay with crowded and want to meet a different mix of people (21-30 years of age), this is the bar for you!

Open until 2:00 am on the weekends.

   Top things to do in Carlsbad Top things to do in Carlsbad Top things to do in Carlsbad

📍Village Faire, 300 Carlsbad Village Dr #202, Carlsbad, CA 92008

We hope this list help you choose the best places for you to enjoy delicious food and drinks.  But there is so much more to learn about Carlsbad and more incredible places to mix, mingle, eat and cocktail.

Click here to read our blog –>Top Things to Do In Carlsbad (Best of San Diego)

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Big Block Realty Opens North County Office In Carlsbad Fri, 17 Mar 2017 22:26:50 +0000 We are very excited to announce the Big Block Realty office in Carlsbad.

The office will feature an open floor plan in an industrial style urban office space near Palomar Airport.

The Office Features:

  • Conference and meeting rooms with 70 inch TV’s.
  • Private rentable offices
  • Agent “pop in” work-stations
  • Copy / Printer station
  • Kitchen
  • Internet access
  • Client parking
  • Close to Bressi Ranch shopping center, restaurants, dog park, and walking trails
  • and much much more!

The Carlsbad Big Block Realty office address is:
6196 Innovation Way Carlsbad Ca 92009

Carslbad Office Map

Big Block Carlsbad office map

Big Block Realty is expanding into North County with new agent offices in the center of Carlsbad business district.

Watch This Video tour from when we first got the keys…

If you have any questions or have an interest in renting an office space in our new location, call 800-550-3209 or Contact us today

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Big Block Realty Voted #1 fastest growing private brokerage in America by Inc. 500. Proudly serving Southern California. 

We Are Giving Away Another New Mercedes-Benz Fri, 11 Nov 2016 18:49:43 +0000 Our Referral Program is an Annual Mercedes Benz Giveaway.

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Yes, you read that right.  

We are giving away ANOTHER Mercedes-Benz in December!  Here is how it works:

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How To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar – Interior Checklist Fri, 21 Oct 2016 22:30:42 +0000 Sell Your Home With This Interior Checklist

The house’s interior must be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time.

However, what is aesthetically appealing, such as beautiful blinds or great looking modern boiler stoves, depends greatly on whom you ask because everyone has different needs, styles, and lifestyles.

General Interior Checklist

Interior home design

A prospective Buyer will usually enter through the front door.

The front entryway of your home is where you should begin your interior inspection.

  • Clean up your front entry, make the homes first impression a good one by making the space feel inviting.
  • Check stairs for loose boards, ripped carpeting, and missing or loose handrails and guards. Fix any paint flaws.
  • Check your walls, most problems with interior walls are cosmetic. You can buy “erasers” in the cleaning section of most supermarkets to get rid of wall scuffs and floorboard marks.

General Interior of your homeInterior design plays the key role in the functionality of a home.

Even the largest house can lack usable space if the interior is designed poorly, while a tiny apartment can be transformed into a cozy residence with enough space for just about everything.

  • Ensure doors open and shut properly. Minor sticking is normal but excessive binding indicates possible structural problems.
  • Open and close all windows to ensure they work properly. Fogging between the panes of a sealed window indicates the seal is broken and the unit needs to be replaced.

real estate general interior

Yes, interior design is much more important than it may seem at a first glance.

It can be easily compared with the importance of architecture, at least when it comes to interior.

  • Keep furniture to a minimum so rooms appear larger. Ensure that traffic can flow in or through rooms unimpeded. If rooms contain bookshelves or cabinets overflowing with books, magazines, or knick-knacks, remove some of these items. 
  • Ensure closets look spacious, organized, and uncluttered. Create space by getting rid of old clothes and junk.
  • Remove or lock away valuables such as jewelry, coins, currency, and cameras. 

Getting your home ready to sell is easy using this step by step checklist. It will make your selling process go a lot faster as your home will be more marketable!

If you don’t want to do it on your own, Big Block Realty is here for you!

Big Block Realty is here to help you sell your home & find your dream home!

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Real Estate Curb Appeal – Sellers Checklist Fri, 21 Oct 2016 20:39:34 +0000 How To Give Your Home Curb Appeal 

Curb Appeal Checklist

Don’t overthink it!

Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, so don’t over think it.

How your home looks from the curb is your potential buyers first impression. Follow this fast and easy checklist to ensure it’s the best first impression possible! 

Curb Appeal Checklist:

Front Yard:

  • Remove any clutter in your yard.
  • Repair cracked or uneven driveway/walkway surfaces.
  • Clean up your yard, starting with mowing your law regularly and re-seeding, if needed. Weed and mulch flower beds to enhance the eye appeal of your property. Also consider buying some succulents or flower-filled plants.

How to give your home curb appeal

  • Clean the windows and walls of your home.
  • The first thing people see when they enter your home is your front door. Is it welcoming? If not, take the time to give it some new paint.
  • Ensure your eaves and downspouts are clear of debris and are in good condition.

Real estate curb appeal checklist

Beautify Your Backyard

  • Power wash your backyard deck and walkways and any other necessary cosmetic fixes like painting, staining, or sealing. 
  • If you have a swimming pool, does it look good enough to swim in? If not, make sure to clean it up!
  • Do all the outside lights work? Replace any burned out bulbs and clean fixtures of dirt and cobwebs. 
  • Is there a shed in your backyard? If so, make sure it looks presentable and functional. 
  • Do windows and exterior doors need caulking? Patch it up.
  • Do you have decorative wooden poles on the porch? If the wood at the bottom is not in good condition, add a new coat of paint.

Look at your home as if you were a potential buyer, would you want to go past the front yard?

If not, follow this fast and easy checklist to make your home more inviting for potential buyers. Don’t let an easy fix be the reason your home doesn’t sell.

Big Block Realty is here to help you sell your home & find your dream home!

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What Type Of House Is Right For Me? Tue, 11 Oct 2016 19:57:20 +0000 Your home is an extension of your personality.

The decor style, color of the walls, furniture selections, and every detail of it reflects you. Whether you are planning to have a starter home, a place to accommodate your family, or a dwelling for your retirement, this blog will ensure you find the perfect place!

Taking the right steps to find the PERFECT place for YOU

Taking the right steps to finding the perfect home for you

Step One:

What you NEED vs. What you WANT 

Making a list for your perfect house

What are your deal breakers?

Like a relationship, the first and most important step is making a list of your non-negotiable items, or deal breakers.

The items on this list include things you cannot live without. For example, if you love to entertain, you would want a large kitchen or family room. This step will set the stage for the steps to follow.

After this list is complete, make a list of all things you would hope to have in a dream home but could live without. For example, a swimming pool that would be nice to have, but may not be a deal breaker. 

Step Two:

What kind of NEIGHBORHOOD do you prefer?

Different Kinds Of Neighborhoods

Select the neighborhood that best suits your family. Add it to your WANTS list. 

  1. Urban Core: Downtown, the heart of major metros
  2. Urban Pioneer (Up-and-Coming): Near downtown and inner-ring suburbs
  3. New Urban: Near business hub other than the city’s main downtown
  4. Cul-de-sacs & Kids: Suburbs and new subdivisions
  5. Pedestrian: Small pockets in major metros
  6. Historic: These homes can be found anywhere
  7. Status/Destination: In the hills or mountains, by water, behind gates
  8. Active/Resort: Sunbelt and coastal cities, in the desert, by water or in the mountains
  9. Golf: New subdivision surrounding a golf course
  10. Retirement: Sunbelt and coastal cities
  11. Rural: Miles from the city
  12. Farm: Large amounts of land with minimal surrounding houses 

Click Here to learn more about these neighborhoods   ▏

Now that we have the perfect location picked out…

Step Three:

Who says SIZE doesn’t matter?


When it comes to picking your future home, size most definitely does matter. Whether you want 7 bedrooms & 6 full baths or 2 bedrooms & 1 full bath finding the perfect size for your family is key.

  • Large, Medium, or Small House
  • Condo
  • Townhome

Make a list of how many bedrooms you want in your future home and what they would be used for, add this to your WANTS list.

Step Four:

What does the INSIDE of your future home look like?


When picturing the interior of your home, what does it look like?

  • Contemporary
  • Cape Cod
  • Country
  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Tudor
  • Craftsman
  • Cottage
  • Mediterranean
  • Ranch

Step Five:

What is in your KITCHEN?

Dream House Kitchen

For some, the kitchen is the heart of the house and can make or break it. What do you want in your kitchen? Does kitchen size matter to you?

Do you want a(n):

  • Island
  • Breakfast bar
  • Large sink
  • Marble or Granite counters
  • Back splash
  • Lots of counter space
  • Lots of cabinet space
  • Large pantry

Step Six:

What does your future FLOOR PLAN look like?


Does having an open floor plan matter to you? Or do you prefer a more closed off and comfy floor plan.  

Step Seven:

Envision what your MASTER BED & BATH look like

master-bedroom   masterbathroom

What makes up the perfect master bedroom?

  • Large, Medium, or Small master bedroom
  • Fire place
  • Large windows
  • Patio
  • Carpet, tile, or wood

What makes up the perfect master bathroom?

  • Bath and or shower
  • One sink or two sinks
  • Granite, Marble, or Concrete counters
  • Walk in closet, one closet or two 

Step Eight:

Do you need room for OFFICE space?


If you work from home, you’re going to want in home office space. Are you going to need a separate room for your office or can you find space somewhere else for your office? 

Step Nine:

What do you picture your future BACKYARD looking like?

Dream backyard

For most people a backyard can make or break a house. What do you want your future backyard to have? Add it to your WANTS list.

Dream backyard boat dock  Dream backyard swimming-poolDream backyard outdoor-patioDream backyard fire pit

Dream backyard trees and grass

Step Ten:

Have Big Block Realty help you find your dream home!

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The 100/0 Split: How Big Block Realty Grew 7,613% (Inman News Interview) Wed, 28 Sep 2016 22:21:48 +0000 screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-2-52-18-pm

Our recent interview with Inman News…

Like a fancy gym membership, the money agents pay to stay under a brokerage’s umbrella better go toward something they actually use. Otherwise, you might as well sign up for a free YouTube fitness channel — or go real estate rogue.

So the $80,000 each year that team leader Herlinda Sandoval-Ryan was shelling out in brokerage fees and splits eventually stopped making sense.

Factor in that everyone on her team of 10 had a decade to 15 years of experience under their belt (while she had 24), and the math didn’t work for her.

“We were paying a lot of money and not getting the value,” said the former Keller Williams team leader. “We were all independent; we weren’t using the tools, to say the least. I started looking around for a pay raise, plus an innovative company.”

As she searched, she wasn’t inspired by what she perceived as the usual “old names.” Then she had a meeting with Sam Khorramian, the co-founder of San Diego-based 100-percent Realtor commission brokerage, Big Block Realty (Big Block).

Big Block launched in January 2012 and is run by three partners: Khorramian, Oliver Graf and broker/attorney Spencer Lugash.

According to the founders, the indie brokerage’s full-commission, full agent concierge model aims to address the skepticism many agents feel about the 100/0 split: Will my broker be there when I need support?

Investing in agent productivity systems like Big Block has — such as lead gen, branding and technology — is unusual for a 100-percent commission model, according to a recent survey by Contactually. Because these firms primarily make money through agent fees, their main point of focus is typically recruiting.

So far, however, the indie firm’s unconventional formula has been a success.

Expanding by 7,613 percent over three years and reporting sales volume of nearly $700 million in 2015, Big Block came in at No. 26 on the 2016 Inc. 500 as the second-fastest growing private real estate company (and the highest-ranked brokerage) on the list.

Big Block Realty Agents - Inman News

Herlinda Sandoval-Ryan (center) and team.

Sandoval-Ryan, who’s been a real estate agent since the age of 18, is the type of professional that Big Block typically attracts: She’s experienced, seasoned — in need of some expertise at times — but not a rookie by any stretch of the imagination.

She joined the firm in May of this year. “I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge in real estate and in marketing, so I went ahead and talked to my team, and they got excited and we moved,” she said.

What’s been the difference so far? Khorramian has encouraged her to give her database more attention since she arrived. She is investing in this with her new savings.

How Big Block Realty grew over 7,000% in 3 years.

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“I’m spending on my database and past clients, so I’ve hired a marketing company, and what they are doing is really taking care of my database.”

Brokerage Needed for Independent Agents

Khorramian and Graf were in the same fraternity at California State University San Marcos and have been agents since 2007. Lugash maintains his own law practice.

When Khorramian and Graf began looking around in 2010 for another type of brokerage, they struggled.

“We were independent, entrepreneurial agents,” Graf said. “We knew what we were doing. We wanted to be left alone to do our thing, but still get support when we needed it or training.”

They knew what they didn’t want to be like. Graf explained: “When we were first getting started, we found other 100-percent brokerages which felt like ‘rent-a-broker.’ They had a ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ attitude.”

Big Block Realty Co Founders - Inman News

Big Block Realty co-founders. From left to right: Sam Khorramian, Spencer Lugash and Oliver Graf.

Big Block Realty co-founders. From left to right: Sam Khorramian, Spencer Lugash and Oliver Graf.

From Idea to Reality

For their own startup, they had a fresh vision — one that didn’t compromise on agent support.

“When they call Big Block’s agent concierge, the answer is always ‘yes,’” said Khorramian. “Big Block is in the agent service business. As a new business that was starting from scratch, we knew we had to go heavy on service and support.”

The current agent count is 543, and the company is aiming for a total of 1,000 in the next 12 months. (To accomplish this, it will likely break into south Orange County, then move up the coast.)

Further ahead, Big Block envisions having 3,000 to 5,000 agents over the next three to five years.

Teams like Sandoval-Ryan’s have contributed to the company’s growth (around 20 percent of the Big Block agents are in a team).

Big Block Realty envisions having 3,000-5,000 agents over the next 3-5 years.

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Big Block Realty Inman News Business Profile

“We attract a lot of teams,” Graf said. “We also work well with individual agents who do a handful of deals.

“Really, we’re good for anyone that wants to grow their business but doesn’t want to deal with all the auditing and liability issues on their own.

“They can plug into broker support, and we do all the heavy lifting.”

Big Block Realty’s Business Model

According to Khorramian, it costs $3,600 a year to hang a license with Big Block, and agents can pay for that in 12 monthly installments or one upfront payment of $3,000.

If they refer five agents who join (and stay) at the company, the annual fees are waived.

Retention hasn’t been a problem so far. “We generally only lose agents that are leaving the industry or moving out of state,” Khorramian said.

“This is the future of the business — the Netflix of the real estate space. It means we can give agents 100-percent commission and 100-percent support.”

The co-founders believe they are responding to the changing agent lifestyle.

Big Block Realty: ‘This is the future of the business, the Netflix of the real estate space.’

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Graf added: “As far as we see the future, we believe more people want to work from home; they don’t want to drive to work every day.”

The entrepreneurs have looked at the virtual or cloud brokerage concept. But agents still appreciate interaction with other agents and brokers, the founders believe, so they bring everyone together with monthly socials, training and other team meet-ups.

Big Block provides conference rooms, open work stations, Wi-Fi and printing for free to all agents. (Agents also get broker and legal support for free. They can choose to hire a transaction coordinator for $395.)

If agents want to rent a permanent office, those are available, too.

“A number of companies have gone into this virtual brokerage space,” Khorramian said. “I think what makes us a bit different is we have blended the best of both worlds.”

“We have structured the business so that you can come into the office every day — or work from the Caribbean on a yacht.”

Big Block Realty - Inman News

The Right Recruits

Big Block Realty is probably not the best brokerage for new agents — or under-performers.

“We have a lot of great, motivated agents who love working,” said Graf. “They are not the type to sit at home and eat Cheetos and wait for a deal to come to them.”

When they interview agents, the co-founders ask them what they are looking for in a broker.

Khorramian added: “Some agents are looking for a raise, while others want better training or support. When we find out what’s important for them, we show them the systems we have in place to support them.

“We tend to be a good fit for most agents who know how to successfully work their way through a transaction.”

The founders have discovered that agents are wary of the 100-percent commission model. It seems too good to be true.

Is 100% commission too good to be true? Many agents think so.

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“They’re concerned that they won’t get the support they need,” said Khorramian. “That’s why, at Big Block, we believe our job is to deliver a ‘wow’ experience for every agent, alongside the 100-percent commission.”

Delivering that helps with the hiring process. Khorramian says that the company snags talent when agents come to Big Block — and later “bring all their friends.”

Big Block Realty Inman News Interview

Don’t Forget the Basics

Meanwhile, the partners are keeping their eye on the details. If an agent gets a bad review on Yelp, co-founder Spencer Lugash is immediately on the case in his role as chief counsel.

“Spencer is fanatical about making sure that we are taking care of the consumer-facing side of compliance,” said Khorramian. “It’s unfortunate; agents will drop the ball, but the buck stops with us.

“Whenever we see anything happening where the consumer is not happy, it’s easy to say it’s the agent’s fault, but that agent is representing our brand, and the right thing to do is to make the situation better.”

The brokerage approves every piece of paper in a transaction, then with marketing and compliance it sets a standard of what the agent needs to do.

This keeps Big Block in the loop and makes sure nothing is slipping.

Tech Support to Propel Growth

With a mission of “staying lean” to “scale fast,” the co-founders haven’t ruled out an IPO, but for now are focusing on keeping their integrity while they grow.

To do that, the company helps its agents leverage the power of technology to grow their businesses in the areas of brand building, lead generation and system automation.

Agents can choose to implement what they learn themselves or connect with a team that can help.

Khorramian and Graf also have a full-service internet marketing agency, LOUD Media Solutions, which helps clients with growing brand awareness, targeting prospects online, engaging their audience and converting prospects into clients.

Graf said: “We are passionate about…creating a culture where agents win and helping them feel empowered. When they win, we win, and because of that they promote us to their colleges and help us grow.

“We often have agents refer family members, moms, wives and brothers. That’s the ultimate compliment for us.”

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Email Gill South

How do the founders of Big Block Realty feel about making it onto the Inc. 500 list? Watch this video and find out. 

Want to join our team of successful agents? 

Big Block Careers

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Encinitas Real Estate Spotlight (Everything You Need To Know About Encinitas) Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:22:13 +0000 Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Living in Encinitas 

Encinitas Living

Encinitas Real Estate Spotlight

Encinitas is a popular up-and-coming beach city in the North County area of San Diego, California. The classic beach town is the perfect location for individuals looking to buy their first home, next home, or a beautiful vacation beach property. 

This coastal city, recently named among the 20 best surf towns in the world by National Geographic, is a 5 1/2-mile stretch of gorgeous beach that has a wide variety of houses, condos and other properties able to accommodate all square footage requirements & budgets.   

View Current Homes For Sale In Encinitas ☞ Encinitas Homes For Sale 

Today, Encinitas is a thriving coastal community that stands as an unspoiled reminder of the historic Highway 101 beach culture, while still providing all the conveniences of a modern city. 

Dive Into Encinitas

Encinitas California Real Estate

City Info

Area: 20.0 square miles


  • 25 miles north of San Diego
  • 95 miles south of Los Angeles
  • 63 miles south of San Clemente/Orange County

Live in Encinitas California


Encinitas has a very mild, Mediterranean climate boasts an average daily temperature of 72°F. 

Average annual high temperature: 88 degrees

Average annual low temperature: 41.9 degrees

Average annual rainfall: 15.6 inches

Number of sunny days: 263 per year

While Encinitas weather is pretty much pure bliss year around, bouts of rain and marine layer (fog) are common in the spring. 

Click Here for Current Encinitas Weather Forecast

Encinitas Homes for Sale

│Big Block Reality Homes for Sale, 532 Neptune, Encinitas, CA 92024│

Demographic Information

Population: 62, 254

Males: 30, 689 (49.3%)

Females: 31, 565 (50.7%)

Median Age: 39.7

Married Population: 57.10%

Single Population: 42.90%

Average Household Income: $123, 180

Median Household Income: $87, 706

Number of Housing Units: 25, 129

Click Here to view Available Encinitas Real Estate

Encinitas is vibrant and full of thriving local up-and-coming businesses including salons, restaurants, shops, bars, and art galleries. The city’s constant support of local businesses has lead to its success in creating a diverse economic portfolio.

Number of Businesses: 10, 307

Occupational Employment: 

White Collar- 69.8%

Blue Collar- 30.2%

Hospitals and Medical Centers: 

Amtrak Stations Near Encinitas: 2

Recreational Facilities  

Family Friendly Encinitas

  • 18 city parks
  • 1 golf course
  • 6 beaches
  • 4 viewpoints 
  • 5 hiking trails
  • 3 museums
  • 1 community swim center
  • 3 senior centers
  • 1 city library
  • 16+ gyms

Click Here to learn more about Encinitas Recreational Facilities

The city of Encinitas is an up-and-coming beach community that also offers many attractions for individuals looking to call Encinitas home. One of the many unique aspects of Encinitas is its history. Many historic buildings are still standing, unlike the majority of beach towns. 

Top Attractions In Encinitas

Spotlight on Encinitas History

  • The Fellowship & Meditation Gardens
  • Quail Gardens
  • Lux Art Museum
  • Heritage Museum 
  • Encinitas Historical Center
  • Boat Houses
  • La Paloma Theater
  • Beaches

Click Here to read another blog we did “Top Things To Do In Encinitas

Encinitas beaches offer the ideal Southern California beach experience with year-round beach weather, bonfire pits, public restrooms, volleyball courts, free parking, and, of course, great surf. For more on “Things to do in Encinitas” check out another blog we did, just click on the link above!

Schools In Encinitas

Elementary Schools in Encinitas

│Capri Elementary School of Encinitas California│


  • 39 Preschools in Encinitas

Elementary Schools


  • Capri Elementary School
  • El Camino Creek Elementary School
  • Flora Vista Elementary School
  • La Costa Heights Elementary School
  • Mission Estancia Elementary School
  • Ocean Knoll Elementary School
  • Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School
  • Paul Ecke Elementary School
  • Park Dale Lane Elementary


  • St John Catholic School PreK-8
  • The Rhoades School K-8
  • Encinitas Country Day School PK-8
  • Encinitas Learning Center & Academy 2-8
  • Edison Academy 3-8
  • Oasis Community K-1
  • Pacific Academy K-12
  • Rancho Encinitas Academy K-8
  • Seaside Wisdom for Life School K-5
  • Sanderling School K-6
  • Village Gate Children’s Academy K-8
  • New World Leadership Children’s Academy PK-1

Middle Schools


  • Diegueno Middle School 
  • Oak Crest Middle School
Click Here to check out Oak Crest Middle School


  • Private Middle Schools listed above (any K-8 school)

High Schools

Click Here La Costa Canyon High School


  • San Dieguito High Academy
  • La Costa Canyon High School
  • Sunset High (Continuation) School


  • Grauer 7-12
  • Pacific Academy K-12
  • North Coast Alternative High School 7-12
  • Intelligent Choice Educational Center

Important Encinitas Phone Numbers

Encinitas Hospitals

│Scripps Hospital, Encinitas│

City Attorney’s Office: Richard Rice (760) 943-0100

City Clerk’s Office: (760) 633-2601

City Council: (760) 633-2601

City Manager’s Office: (760) 633-2610

Development Services Department: (760) 633-2710

Fire (non emergency): (760) 633-2441

Police (non emergency): (760) 966-3500

Library: (760) 753-7376

Water Utilities: (760) 633-2650

AT&T Internet & DIRECTV Services: (855) 293-7676

Time Warner Cable: (760) 707-1000

Best Restaurants In Encinitas

Encinitas Restaurants

│Vigilucci’s Italian, Encinitas│


  • Better Buzz
  • Swami’s
  • The 101 Diner 
  • Pannikin House


  • Saint Tropez
  • Beachside Bar & Grill
  • Union Kitchen & Tap
 Click Here to learn more about Union Kitchen & Tap
  • Pandora Pizza


  • 3rd Corner
  • Vigilucci’s Italian
  • Le Papagayo 
  • Las Olas

Click Here to explore more Encinitas Restaurants & Bars

You can make it your home today!

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