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Enjoy the best beaches in Leucadia without the crowds of other San Diego Beaches.

Leucadia Grandview Beach Real Estate

Leucadia is a funky little community that features some of the best beaches in California

To get to most of the beaches in Leucadia you need to get down the steep vertical cliffs.

They have three main stairways that lead down to popular spots, but if you don’t know where you’re going they can be difficult to find.

Leucadia’s somewhat hidden beaches have their pros and con’s….

The cons are that it’s harder to find, it’s more of a pain in the butt to get to, and parking can be a challenge.

The pros are that it’s much less crowded and not filled with tourists like most of the beaches in San Diego.

If you’re looking for some great sandy beaches and good waves without the crowds, Leucadia beaches are a good bet.

Where to Go:

There are three main spots in the area – Grandview, Beacon’s and Stone Steps, which are accessible via well-maintained stairways along Neptune Avenue. Note: Neptune is a one-way street running northbound, so if you miss your target beach you’ll have to circle back south on Coast Highway and try again.


To find this somewhat hidden jewel, look for the beach access signs along Highway 101. When you get there a beautifully carved wood sign announces your arrival at Grandview Beach. Accessible by a set of stairs situated on a bluff above the ocean, it is the northernmost in a series of Leucadia beaches.

Stone Steps

Located off El Portal St between Moonlight State Beach and Beacons Beach, Stone Steps features beautiful views and amazing bluffs. A staircase offers public access from the streets above.


The most popular wave is Beacons. The main street, Leucadia Boulevard basically runs right into the car park overlooking the break.

Although the cliffs along the beachfront are lined with plush and expensive residences, the town still maintains a laid-back, almost hippie-type vibe.

Nestled between Encinitas to the south and Carlsbad to the north, Leucadia shares most of its characteristics with its neighbor to the south.

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