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How to Kill It In Business #Winning

Play or get off the field.

I was recently asked to speak at California State University San Marcos to MBA students. It was an amazing experience and the goal was to share with them some things that every single person in the class could take and use to WIN in their own business.

How to win in business


Now it is time to share some insights with you, let’s break it down…

If you want to truly WIN in today’s business world, change the way you think and do these seven things to back up your new outlook:

1. Ask Yourself “How Bad Do I Want It?”

How to win BIG in business

Here is the deal.

Working really hard is tough.  Being broke is really tough too.  So, you get to choose.  You get to choose which tough you want to take on.  Broke, or hard work.

Luck favors those in motion. 

  • Take action.  If you are hungry for it, working really hard, get away from the TV and take action, the luckier you will get.
  • Work harder. If you work 60 hours a week and your competition works 40, what will take them 2 years you will be able to do faster.
  • Sacrifice. You will need to miss the fun things.  While your competition is out partying, you are working and WINNING.  Parties, trips, birthdays will all go on without you and you need to know that is okay.
  • Think big. If you are going to think you might as well think big.

2.  Turn I Can’t Into I Can

How to kill it in business

Things are only the way they are…

…until they are not.  People use to believe that the world was flat.  Today we know that isn’t true.  How?  One person challenged that old pattern of thinking.

For Big Block Realty, we noticed that the old real estate brokerage model is broken.  We never fit “that box”.

Our model isn’t one dimensional.  We care about our agent’s success on a personal and professional level and back it up with exceptional career training, advocate for them to attend self-improvement seminars, and make sure we provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere that fosters a thriving attitude.

3. Build Trust With Your Clients

Tips on How to kill it in business

Everyone in business has customers.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a ton of customers or a corporate employee with one customer, you have to build trust to keep the relationship going.

How do you do that?

  • Love them.
  • WOW them.
  • Focus on their experience.

4. Love What You Do

Ultimate Ways to Kill It In Business

If you love what you do you will never feel like you are at work.  You will live and breathe it almost effortlessly.

First, you have to determine what you love and what makes you happy.

Start a list.

You need to roll up your sleeves and get elbow deep into writing out the things that make you happy.  Not what makes someone else happy, or rich.

Find your own happiness.  If you love the outdoors, don’t take a desk job.  Creative types, find something that lets you express yourself.  If you love chocolate covered bacon…

…you get where I am going with this.

5.  Stay Hungry

How to win in business

Learn from the best.

There is no one better than this guy in the digital marketing game who is winning in business; Gary Vaynerchuk.

What makes him the best?

He outworks his competition.

His work ethic is his leg up on them.

Why reinvent the wheel when someone else like this business master has already invented it and left you a blueprint?

Modify that blue print with your own goals.  How?

Set goals that drive you.  I have a friend who wanted to get her book published.  She printed out a fake book cover and taped it to the front of another book.

She brought that book into Barnes and Noble and put it on the shelf and visualized her published book being there on sale.  A year later she was doing her book signing in THAT exact Barnes and Noble to a standing room only crowd.

Create a vision board.  After you set your goals, surround yourself with them. John Assaraf, a contributor on “The Secret”, and a huge advocate for vision boards, shared that his son pulled out a 10-year-old vision board and realized he had accomplished 90% of everything on it.

6.  Climb Higher

How to kill it in business

Even Abraham Lincoln knew the importance of climbing higher.

If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.

How to Climb Higher In Business

Read more books.  Listen to more audio talks.  Learn from the greats that have done it all before.

My team and I attend 2-3 seminars a year.  We hired the best business coach in our business and we joined a paid mastermind group that is packed with the absolute best in the business.

If you are not willing to invest the time, energy, and money to sharpen your own saw and bring that back to your team, lead by that example for them, winning will be tough.

Billionaire Mark Cuban still reads 1-2 hours…A DAY!  Charlie Munger said billionaire Warren Buffet is so successful because he spends most of his time reading and thinking.

For business success reading is not just a way to relax.  It is mental nourishment.  You have to put in the work.  Period.  No magic tricks or secret recipe.  Just put in the work every single day.

7.Practice…a lot!

Ways to kill it in business

Have you ever heard of anyone making a professional sports team who never practiced?


You don’t need to know everything.But you do need to know the key aspects that will get you take you to the finish line first.  Your daily grind should always include:

  1. Put in a volume of work.
  2. Focus on the areas of greatest leverage for your skill.
  3. Find ways to continually improve rather than settling for comfortable, predictable routines and patterns once we develop adequate skill levels.

Final Note:

To truly win in business, it is imperative that you incorporate these 6 strategies into your life, your work, and your way of thinking to master your craft.

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