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The process of selling your home shouldn’t be stressful and it won’t be when you work with a qualified real estate professional who can help you through the experience. However, selling a home does require certain steps.

Since a house is the largest investment a person will make in his or her lifetime, it’s only natural to want leverage its maximum value during a sale.

Frequently, homeowners must relocate in a short time, whether for a new job or a family situation that arises.

When this happens, there isn’t always adequate time to sell their current home before moving into a new one.

Homes without occupants are less likely to be furnished because in most cases the homeowners must take their furniture with them to the new house. It can be challenging to sell an empty home because some buyers have difficulty imagining what the space will look like.

This is where staging comes in and it can be a valuable tool for sellers when their house or property is on the market. Here are some tips for sellers to consider when getting a home or condo ready to sell.

1. Clean House
Nobody likes a dirty house so clean it up! If possible, replace stained carpets and at the very least have them cleaned thoroughly.

Dust baseboards and moldings and other often overlooked places such as the interior of closets and light fixtures.

Scrub bathrooms until they sparkle. No potential buyers want to see dirty restrooms or the lingering effects of the previous owners.

2. Add Furniture
A house or condo with furnishings looks more like a home and it makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize their own furnishings in the space.

One possible option is to rent furniture. Since the goal is to have the house sell as soon as possible, renting is a convenient option for a short-term solution.

Furnishings should include such basics as: a simple dining room suite, living room staples of sofa, chair and coffee table, and bedroom furnishings.

Another option for procuring furniture during staging is to borrow from friends or family members. If friends have an extra lamp or chair in storage, they are likely to offer it to loan.

Remember, you aren’t setting the home up to live in it; you are staging it so someone else can imagine living there.

3. Add Curb Appeal
The outside of your home needs to make a great first impression. Look at your home’s exterior with a critical eye.

Are there porch repairs that need tackling? Is your mailbox looking weathered? Are shrubs and flowers looking worse for wear?

These are all things that you can fix fairly easily, yet they can have major implications on the sale of your home.

Work with a real estate professional
These are just a few things that are important for sellers to remember when their house is on the market. While it might seem like a complicated process, it doesn’t have to be stressful and it won’t be when you work with an experienced real estate professional such as a member of our team here at Big Block Realty.

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