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Hacks from #AskGaryVee

What the hell is hustle anyway?

As a real estate agent, if you don’t know the answer to that question, stop reading this blog and go get Gary Vaynerchuk‘s book #ASKGARYVEE.

If you a good idea of what rolling up your sleeves to close that deal and ignoring anything you have ever been taught about a 9-5 job, keep reading.

By the time I was half way through #ASKGARYVEE, a collection of questions asked by Gary Vaynerchuk fans during his insanely popular show Ask Gary Vee, I was floored by how much could be applied to today’s real estate professionals.

His answers to the questions in his book are raw, bold, in your face, insightful, sometimes surprising and personal, and always intelligent.

I decided to take the top 9 lessons that I have already started to incorporate into Big Block daily mindset in order for us all to stay on top of the real estate game.

First up…

Get your ass up early.


Ultimate Business Tips from GaryVee…and go to bed late.  

That is just the start of what it means to outwork your competition.

The kind of hustle we are talking about here is not about scamming someone.  It is about the daily grind it takes on your own behalf to milk as much effort of out every single day as possible.

“What is the one tangible thing people can do to change the direction of their lives?  Hustle.”  -Gary Vaynerchuk

This self-driven entrepreneurial quality is your ticket to success.

Here is your recipe for high gear hustle:

  • Get up early and go to bed late. No exceptions.
  • Pour yourself and your efforts into achieving your goals.
  • Make every minute of the day count.  EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.
  • Be totally self-aware.
  • Throw out “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” self-talk.  It’s garbage.
  • Show up and say yes to every opportunity.
  • Constantly create great content.
  • Get as much exposure as possible.
  • Increase the value you bring to the table for others.
  • Network your ass off.
  • Ask yourself “Am I working as hard as I can” every day. The answer should always be YES is your hustle is in high gear.
  • Take risks.


Best tips for business owners from #AskGaryVee

Don’t be a cry baby.

We are talking about sharing your story.  That takes you being comfortable with being vulnerable.  Sharing some details about your life is actually a good thing because people respond to people they can relate to or feel as though they can connect with on some level.

If you are so distant and never share anything about your life, your struggles and challenges, and always put your presentation of who you are in a pretty wrapped box with a bow, your audience will never know you are authentic, real, and not a robot.

Rip off the wrapping paper and get real. 

Talk about the challenges in your life you have overcome personally and professionally.  You will gain so much more respect and draw people to you and your business just be showing a little vulnerability.


Best Tips for Success from #AskGaryVee

How do you come across to others?

Knowing the answer to this is self-awareness and gives you an advantage as an agent. Don’t underestimate the power of knowing exactly who you are and being confident in that as you go into a listing, closing or any business conversation.


Ask between 5-10 people straight up what they believe are your strengths and weaknesses. People you work with the most.    Give them every reason to be totally honest with you by letting them know you are ready for the truth because you are ready to elevate your level of self-awareness.

Make a list of the things most of repeated.  Those are your golden nuggets to improve. Take the information to help you thicken your skin as Gary V. would say, put on your super self-awareness cape and go make your mark in the real estate world.


Top Hacks for Agents from #AskGaryVee

Showing up doesn’t make you a leader.

Effective leadership combines what makes you great; how you share what you have overcome with others so they can do it better, and manage with heart and hammer.

What makes you a leader in the real estate world, or any other industry for that matter, is the fact that you care about your team, communicate your vision effectively, and stop acting like you are only their boss.

Stop complaining.

If the business is failing, it’s your fault.  Stop blaming everyone else and complaining about something you are responsible for.

Leadership takes guts and a good hard look in the mirror every single day.  The best leaders in every industry show not only grit, but are committed to resolution and owning up to their part in what is broken.

Lead by example.  

You have heard this before because it is important in business.  As a real estate agent with a team of people looking to you for guidance, that is not relegated to just how you lead meetings.

In every email you send, every interaction you have with your clients, getting your social media posts up and killing it in every way right up to how you celebrate that WIN, lead by example in every way. 


99% of what we really deal with everyday in business doesn’t really matter.

What is the middle?

Well, there are the clouds and there is the dirt.  Everything else is the middle.  To break it down even more, let’s talk about what the clouds and the dirt are for you.

What is your HUGE vision?

Not a goal you have, but the big thing that drives you deeper than a goal that can be achieved, changed, moved around.  Your high-end philosophy or beliefs that are at the heart and soul of everything you do.

THAT is your cloud.

For Gary Vaynerchuk, it is family.  For you it may be something different but it is critical that you identify what that cloud is for you.  How do you apply that to your real estate business? The dirt.

The dirt is where you roll up your sleeves and knock down doors.


Tips for agents from #AskgaryVee

Jab, jab, jab…right hook!

If you sell too hard on social media, people will ignore you.  If you tell a great story, support your community, show up real and authentic, they will want to do business with you.

Tell your story.  Get their attention.  Ask for the business.

The knock out right hook:  the ASK!

There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.-Gary Vaynerchuk

When you tell your story, the story of why you are a real estate agent to help people realize their dreams, right hook.  Telling your own story of growing up either in a home you loved or your desire to own a home someday because you never had that growing up, knock out.

Your story needs to move people’s spirit, build brand equity, and build their good will. Remember, every customer connection is an opportunity to weave stories about who you are and what your brand stands for.

The ask comes next and after effectively sharing your story, your customers are waiting on it.


GaryVee tips for real estate agents

Do you have what it takes?

Talent is the variable that builds an audience.  To be an influencer in real estate or to get an influencer to push your content (i.e. retweet, share, repost), you have to do three things:

  1. Be good enough.  If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, comfortable speaking on camera, get off social media.  No talent = no audience.
  2. Be patient.  Gary V. taped videos about wine for two years without anyone even paying attention.  2 years…think about that.  Put in the work and be patient.
  3. Distribute.  Use every social media site and point them all to your Snapchat, blog, and website.  Reach out to social media influencers and ASK them to repost, share, and do the same for them.

Push, drive, engage. Repeat.


Success tips for agents from #AskGaryVee

Stuff is overrated.

Experiences, on the other hand, are not.  To be successful, you need to take time out every once in a while.  Sure, hustle is a must.  But so is taking a breather from time to time and by breather, I mean splurging on experiences.

When you are working like a dog day in and day out there comes a point when you need to dip your toes in some salty water with a loved one, or jump out of a plane, or get VIP seats to see your favorite band live.

The point is splurge on what matters most.  Experiences.

Splurge on time with loved ones, stretching your imagination, going on an adventure. Splurge on the stuff you will be talking about when you are old with the people you care about.

Less stuff, more experiences.  GO!


Success tip for agents from #askgaryvee

What fuels you?

If it isn’t gratitude, your shit is broken.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks in depth about gratitude and how it is 80% of what fuels him every single day.

He is not only thankful for the success in his life but for the pain along the way. It can not necessarily be taught, but it is something you can nurture and develop as a weapon, a machete, that clears the path of success.

Every challenge you face as an entrepreneur can be tackled with gratitude and empathy.  You can win 1000 times, but if you lose once because you never showed empathy or expressed gratitude to someone and now they are gone, the wins don’t matter.

When you remind yourself of all the great things you have been given or that are available for you to witness, see, experience, smell, taste and even dream about, it is tough to get down.

Keep things in perspective.  Make gratitude the core value of your business and your mission.  It is hard to go wrong with this as your guiding principle.

These are only 9 of the best takeaways from reading this killer book.  Be sure to pick up a copy of #AskGaryVee and dive into it ASAP.  If you want to up your game and learn from the best about success, winning, leadership, self-awareness and so much more, it is worth every penny spent and every moment reading it.

To your success,


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