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In Big Block Realty TV we go in depth into the culture that has made us into the Fastest Growing Real Estate Company on the Inc 500 list.

Watch Episode 2 to see our Yellow Envelope rewards contest, Mrs ED The Horse and our much loved “Kramer” aka Sandro!

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Big Block Realty TV Highlights…


Big Block Realty TV Team High Five


00:15 Melissa: Talking about how much she loves Big Block culture. She says “if you’re having a bad day and you feel like you’re just gonna go in and do your job, they definitely don’t let you do that. They make sure you have a good time and always brightens your day. We’re a family. Yeah.”

00:41 Bobbie: What makes big block different than any other place that she’s worked “they encourage you to bring ideas to the table. That feels good.”


Melissa Gets Rewarded For Her Ninja Like Accounting Skills


Big Block Realty TV Melissa 2


00:50 Melissa: “Getting to pull envelopes is a fun bonus for employees. When they do something really good they get to pull an envelope. I was so excited  because it was just something that I knew was a big accomplishment, but not really a lot of people around the office knew. I was literally skipping and jumping around with, you know, these pieces of paper in my hand, and I was looking for somebody to be excited with me, and I saw Sam just kind of  walking around in his office on his phone. I walked in there and Sam gave me a really big high five and he says, You know what? I think you need some envelopes. And I got really excited because it’s not something that like you can work towards, you don’t ever know when they’re gonna give you the envelopes.”


Big Block Realty TV Yellow Envelope Winner


Melissa: It’s just kind of this thing that when something great happens, they’re like, “I think this deserves a yellow envelope or two.”Yeah, I got

to pick three and it was super exciting, and got to go shopping.

Speaker 8: 01:41 What was in your envelopes?

01:44  Melissa: $125. Yay!


“Give Me A Keg Of Beer”

Said Teen Wolf – Michael J Fox


Big Block Realty TV Team Beer Keg


01:45 Alexa: picking up the new keg for the office. We’re up in San Diego with our keg this month. We have our precious cargo heading towards the office as we speak. It’ll be tapped and ready for everyone to enjoy.

01:58 Bobbies idea for a wine bar. “Beer’s not really my thing. If they had a wine bar that would be a great addition. Yeah, a wine bar would be a great addition”


Sandro Aka “Kramer” Makes a Seinfeld Worthy Performance



02:14 Sandro does the worst shout out ever. He’s attempting to give a shout out to Sally Rosenheim for graduating the coaching program here at Big Block Realty… it turns into a total Kramer moment.

03:35 Sandro explaining how he always feels the love


Mrs ED The Horse Learns To Drive The Big Block Company Car


Big Block Realty TV Horse In The Office


03:40 Is that a horse in the office? Watch as she drives the Big Block mobile.


Game On…



04:21 Talking about the office foosball tournament. Alexa And Vanessa Breaking The Rules Of Foosball (Spinning The Sticks)


Mark Aka “The New Guy”


Big Block Realty TV Mark


04:54 Mark tells us about his first few weeks of employment here at Big Block and about his “militant marketing pants”.


Mike Ferry Speaks To Big Block Agents At Paradise Point In San Diego


Big Block Realty TV Mike Ferry


05:31 Mike ferry event at Paradise point hotel… Sam gives an amazing intro… Do you want more listings? Say YES!


Stay Tuned For Episode 3 Coming Soon!


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