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How Agents WIN in Todays Real Estate Market


More than ever, real estate professionals are investing heavily in their online strategies.

While online real estate marketing is becoming one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, offline strategies remain important and should be a core part of your marketing plan. By combining the two and building a plan that moves seamlessly between online and offline tactics, you’ll reach a much wider audience.

The Most Effective Marketing

marketing-and-the-media in todays real estate market

Top Forms Of Marketing:

  • Website:

Your website and emails need to be designed for all devices and screen sizes and be responsive. 

  • Blogs: 

This is one of the best ways to draw in clients and let them get to know you on a more personal level. The blog does not have to be all about you, but it is important to show potential clients your interests and personality.

  • Farming: 

This is a great way to become known as an expert in the community.

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  • Social Media: 

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and YouTube serve as a great outlet to reach a large audience of people with little effort if done properly.

  • Direct Response:

This is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel prospects to take some specific action This can include opting into your email list, picking up the phone and calling for more information, placing an order, or being directed to a web page.

  • Newsletter:

Having a Newsletter involves sending out information to interested parties. Some people send newsletters through the mail, but the vast majority of people today connect with customers over email. 

  • Send out cards:

This allows you to get your face in front of potential customers without having to be present. A great card and a friendly face will get your name out there and draw clients in.   


  • Email Marketing: 

Email Marketing is a tricky method that must be used correctly. If email marketing is used to send out “ads” that are boring and unoriginal, your audience will ignore them or mark them as spam. 

  • Internet Marketing:

Today online marketing moves at the speed of light. To keep up, you need be relentlessly creative. 

The Best Business Cards

Other Forms of Marketing:

  • PPC:

PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

  • Re-Targeting  

What is Re-Targeting?

Re-Targeting is also known as remarketing. It is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of the potential client even after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit.


  • IDX:

Is the system that allows realtors to show MLS property listings on their websites.

  • Business Cards:

Click on the business cards to learn how to make & design the best business card for you!

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How to Be Successful in Real Estate Sales


  • Host an Event:

Hosted events are always popular, drawing people from across the spectrum of your industry, giving your properties much-needed exposure, and allowing you to meet new people.

  • Ask for Referrals: 

It doesn’t get any simpler or more effective than this. Word-of-mouth marketing can help you drive a significant increase in inquiries without having to spend heavily on marketing materials or advertising. The key is to simply ask.

  • Network:

Make a point to meet other professionals to gather people interested in real estate, finance, marketing, etc. This will give you the opportunity to network and build connections more easily.


  • Door Knocking: Rules for effective door knocking
  1. Dress professionally, but know your market. If you sell real estate in casual California, you don’t want to wear a full suit, but in New York City you might want to consider it.
  2. Bring something to leave behind with the homeowner – make sure it’s branded with your information.
  3. Use a script to help get you started.


  • Negotiating:

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  • Time Management:

1. Set Expectations.

When you are working with clients, it is important to set the expectations for them. Let them know that you are going to return missed phone calls between this and that hour. You are going to email them once a day, a week or a month. 

2. Delegate Less Meaningful Tasks.

When working with other staff or team members, make sure they know what their assignments are for the day, week, and month. 

Also, consider having a visual team calendar in the office that is big enough to view quickly and easy to change.

3. Time-Block Your Hours.

It is important to wake up, exercise and eat a healthy breakfast. As soon as you get to the office, look at your goals. Write down what goals you want to work on for the day. Write down the list of tasks you need to do in order to accomplish those goals. 

4. Pre-Write Your Blogs and Ads.

It is important to set ads, blogs, and podcasts for marketing and networking. Taking an hour or two on the weekends or in the evening to pre-write the blogs for the month is a great idea.

5. Be Consistent with Your Pattern.

People are creatures of habit. This includes you, your clients, your staff, your team, and your followers.


  • Working With Buyers:

1. Show Them Your Value

Today, many buyers use online search to find the homes they want, which is why the consultation is a great time to show exactly why they still need you.

2. Make an Emotional Connection

The consultation period is a good time to get to know what the buyer is looking for on a deeper level. It is important to remember that housing preferences go well beyond the number of bedrooms in a house. 

3. Set the Right Tone

When it comes to getting a buyer’s Representation Agreement signed, language and culture is extremely important to be mindful of.

4. Anticipate Objections

If you don’t have a response to those objections, you’re dead in the water.

How to win in todays real estate market

  • Working With Sellers:

1. Ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers

Get to know your potential client by asking questions that confirm your understanding of the current situation, what the client wants, and where they want to be.

2. Position yourself as the local expert

Wow, prospective clients by arriving prepared with the information you need to expertly discuss all the ways and means of the home selling process.

3. Highlight your marketing plan for the client’s home

Showcase all the promotion you will do to get the most eyeballs on your potential client’s home. Let them know that you have the right marketing tools designed to get the best price for their home and make it virtually impossible for savvy buyers to not see it.

4. Showcase why you’re the right agent for the job

By the end of your presentation, the prospective client should be very clear on what you bring to the table that other agents can’t. 

5. Outline a timeline and next steps

Provide them with a short list of what activities will happen next and include a timeline for each activity so they know when you will touch base with them.

how to win real-estate-open-house-staging

  • Open Houses:

How to hold a MEGA Open House

  1. Utilize social media, blogging, and real estate websites to share information about your open house.
  2. Do a blitz of flyers and postcards throughout different areas.
  3. On the day of the event, display a sign (with balloons or something that stands out) to make sure people can find the house easily.
  4. Serve up great food and drinks (try to pair drinks with the season) and even better music to attract people. If it’s a sports day, turn the game on.
  5. Make sure people are greeted and registered at the door so that they not only know your face but you also have their contact information. 


Expired leads are the #1 most profitable lead source for top producing agents.

  1. Offer to charge a lower fee if the seller finds the buyer.
  2. Present data that highlight the benefits of representation (if they exist).
  3. Offer a limited-service listing option.
  4. Learn and practice scripts, but don’t come off as a robot.
  5. Use specialized lead-generation tools.
  6. Pitch to potential clients face-to-face.
  7. Focus on old expired listings.
  8. Commit enough time and energy to winning over FSBOs.
  9. Text or email if a prospect doesn’t answer the phone.
  10. Hone your list of targets.

How to win pipeline leads in todays real estate market

How To Build and Manage A Pipeline 

  1. Make contact with at least 5 to 10 new people every day.  From contacting that small group of new people, there should be at least one or two meetings evolving. 
  2. Following the initial meeting with the contact or prospect, stay in touch so that they remember you at the right time.  
  3. Maintain your database personally.  Given that it such an important part of your market share and growth of listings, you need to get involved with database entry and updates.  Make the calls and contacts from your database each day.  
  4. When you have established a link with a prospect, keep the ongoing contact underway.  In doing this, you will be making between 30 and 40 telephone calls each day as part of a prospecting program.  Some of those calls will be converted to meetings and in that way, your personal profile and relevance will grow.

Final Tips For Real Estate Agents


The key to a successful career in Real Estate is your mindset. Without the right mindset, you are only holding yourself back. 

  • Take time each day to do something for yourself
  • Make lists of your goals and dreams for the future
  • Keep your eyes on the prize
  • Expand your mind by reading more books
  • Go to seminars

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