Big Block Realty is proud to announce our new program “How RealScout helps San Diego home sellers 2021”.

Our listing agents get excited about this innovative hi-tech program. You, as a future home seller in San Diego County, will become excited too when you read how it will help you to sell faster at the best price.

What is RealScout?

RealScout is a San Francisco-headquartered real estate company. Its platform allows San Diego buyers to find their ideal homes faster than all other real estate sales platforms. These platforms include our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Trulia,, and Zillow.

That’s because RealScout is more sophisticated. In addition, it offers buyers more preferences and features they like and dislike in their home searches. This allows San Diego buyers more filters to find their ideal home match.

How does RealScout do this?

Unlike the other non-MLS property search platforms, RealScout uses real-time local MLS data. Imagine thousands of buyers using the RealScout homes search providing instant access to new listings. Better yet, adding important features that San Diego buyers want that the other platforms don’t use.

RealScout uses buyers’ data collected by the largest local real estate brokerages including Big Block. This data includes property features that recent San Diego buyers sought. This anonymous local buyers’ data allows RealScout to gain unique insights about recent San Diego buyers’ needs and wants.

A better way to describe this comes from Nobu Hata, Chief Executive Officer at Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®. He described ReaLScout’s Buyer Graph as a group of brokers who share their anonymous buyers’ data.

Tech geeks call this “advanced market analytics derived from machine learning technology”. This is high-tech 21st-century Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that has never been used in the real estate sales industry.


How RealScout Helps San Diego Home Sellers in 2021

RealScout provides San Diego buyers with a superior home buying experience.

A Big Block buyer now fills out a personal profile for the RealScout platform that lists the buyer’s likes and dislikes. In addition, the buyer lists needs and wants in their ideal new home. Gone are the old ways of listing location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a few more features.

The Problem with MLS Listing Features

A typical MLS property search of home listings include the following features:

  • Listing status – If the house is an active listing or already sold, or pending sale;
  • Listing price – The current listing price;
  • Price by square footage – Listing or sales price is shown by square footage;
  • Days on the market – Number of days since the listing;
  • Year built – Buyers will know how old the structure is;
  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms – How many bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Zoning – The type of structures the city or local government allows on the property determined by its zoning. For instance, multi-family housing or a single-family home;
  • Square feet – A structure’s total square footage;
  • Lot square footage – The entire lot’s square footage;
  • Number of stories – If the structure is one-story or more;
  • Fireplaces – How many fireplaces;
  • Photos – Contains one or more photos; and
  • Sales type – Whether standard, short-sale, probate, or foreclosure.

While these features are important, San Diego buyers need more features to fulfill their needs and wants. For instance, San Diego buyers may prefer:

  • A swimming pool;
  • Smart home features;
  • Security system;
  • Closeness to nearest schools;
  • Walking distance to nearby parks;
  • Multiple car garage;
  • On-street parking;
  • Low crime rate;
  • Nearby restaurants and entertainment venues; and
  • Nearby shopping mall.


RealScout Offers Local MLS Information and Local Buyers’ Insights


Besides the typical basic information found in MLS home searches, RealScout adds more search features based on local San Diego buyers’ insights.

Now, Big Block Realtors focus on specific features that buyers express as important in their new home.


Introducing RealScout’s Buyer Graph

Instead of basic MLS search features the RealScout Buyer Graph gives buyers more. The data that local brokerages provide to RealScout about their buyers make the Buyer Graph special. It separates itself from all the other property search platforms, including the local MLS.

Specifically, RealScout gets its data when local buyers search listings on the RealScout platform.

Serious Buyers: The brokerages and their agents who affiliate with RealScout invite buyers into the system. This occurs after the agents determine the buyers are serious about buying a home in San Digo County. Therefore, these are serious buyers. They seek a home now and are not “looky-loos” wasting agents’ time. Thus, only serious home shoppers use the RealScout platform.

Buyers Overlook: Buyers doing their own property searches often miss listings containing features they like. Or, don’t delete listings containing features they don’t like.

Artificial IntelligenceA.I” modern technology allows RealScout to let buyers find homes they overlooked during prior searches in other platforms. The Buyer Graph learns their buyer users’ preferences and search history to suggest listings fitting their needs. Both the buyer and his or her Big Block Realtor receive these suggestions.


RealScout Rapid Listing Alerts Finds Buyers Faster


New listings often don’t get noticed by buyers who made their last search a day or more before. RealScout eliminates that problem with its Rapid Listing Alerts.

When your new listing gets entered into the San Diego MLS database, RealScout immediately searches its buyers’ preferences. It seeks buyers’ likes and preferred features. If your new listing matches buyers’ preferences a Rapid Listing Alert goes out to each buyer.

Imagine buyers instantly getting a new listing alert in their apps or emails because your listing matches their preferences!

That’s one way how our RealScout program sells your home faster.

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RealScout Property Comparisons Shows More Features to Your Buyers


The RealScout machine learning-based property comparisons make it easy for buyers to compare homes by each feature.

Another RealScout advantage is its unique way of showing property photos to buyers. Too often, buyers look at photos of a listing and when finding a similar home later forget a prior one’s photos. The RealScout Property Comparison solves this problem by letting buyers save prior viewed listings for future comparisons.

When a buyer sees a similar listing, he or she instantly compares all the photos side-by-side between two or three homes on the same screen. Better yet, the buyer compares photos of the same room. For example, a buyer compares the kitchen photos of two or three homes side-by-side. And then, switches to the master bedroom or the living room photos.

RealScout’s unique room-by-room photo comparisons of different home features make it easier for buyers to choose which home to view.


Appointments for Previews of Your Home Listing Becomes Easier with RealScout


After viewing all the photos of two or three homes room-by-room the decision of which to preview becomes easier. Not only because of the photos but by the easy process for setting up a preview appointment.

RealScout’s platform lets buyers click a button to send their real estate agent a calendar showing the best days and times to see the home. The agent then contacts the listing agent to set up a preview appointment. It’s that easy!


How RealScout Reverse Prospecting Helps Sellers


The RealScout Reverse Prospecting program compiles a list of local buyers’ agents. This assists Big Block listing agents to take advantage of the Buyer Graph data analysis of local buyers’ preferences.

RealScout Reverse Prospecting also helps large brokerages to communicate better in-house. Big Block Realty boasts over 980 Realtors making it one of the largest brokerages in California.

Yet, sometimes too big has disadvantages. One is the ability for listing agents to communicate with the buyers’ agents. Since the COVID-19 business lockdowns forced Realtors to work from home, communications amongst Realtors became difficult. No more office sales meetings or Realtors hanging around the office.

But, the RealScout Reverse Prospecting program solves this problem. It offers a collaborative search platform allowing Big Block listing agents to show their listings to the Big Block buyers’ agents.

Now, listing agents communicate better with buyers’ agents using the RealScout Reverse Prospecting program. Listing agents can use this program to see which buyers’ agents have potential matching buyers for the listings.

A listing agent’s home with special features allows Reverse Prospecting to find local buyers’ agents whose buyers’ preferences match these features. Then, it’s easy for the listing agent to contact the buyer’s agent within the platform. This increases the chance of in-house sales in a brokerage.

Thus, Reverse Prospecting uses the Buyer Graph data with local MLS information to match in-house listings with the brokerage’s buyers.



Now that you read how RealScout helps San Diego home sellers in 2021, let’s wrap it up.

To summarize, San Francisco-based RealScout offers hi-tech sophisticated San Diego home searches. This helps sellers because:

  • RealScout’s platform let San Diego buyers find their ideal homes faster;
  • It gives buyers more preferences and features they like and dislike in their home searches;
  • These added search features let San Diego buyers find their ideal home match faster;
  • RealScout uses real-time local MLS data that other search platforms don’t;
  • RealScout’s Buyer Graph uses recent San Diego home buyers’ preferences to gain insights;
  • Only buyers vetted and invited by RealScout’s agents can access its home search program;
  • Buyers fill out a profile stating their likes, needs, and wants in their new home;
  • In addition, the machine learning Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology analyses the buyers’ preferences during their home searches;
  • RealScout uses each buyer’s preferences in the search platform’s local MLS listings data to filter the buyer’s likes and dislikes to get an ideal match;
  • RealScout’s unique room-by-room photo comparisons of different homes make it easier for buyers to choose which home to preview;
  • Its Rapid Listing Alerts notify buyers and their Big Block Realtor about new listings matching the buyer’s preferences;
  • The RealScout platform makes it easy for buyers to send a calendar with dates and times to their Big Block Realtor when they can view a listed home;
  • Big Block’s Realtor then contacts the listing agent to schedule a preview with the buyer; and
  • RealScout’s Reverse Prospecting lets Big Block listing agents contact buyer’s agents whose clients’ preferences match.


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