home buyers first impressions

How to create positive home buyers first impressions focuses on buyers’ visuals.

Creating positive home buyers first impressions of your home can result in a faster sale at a higher price.

Selling a home is like selling an expensive used car. The same first impressions by buyers apply to both. Make them positive since you won’t get a second chance.

First Impressions of an expensive used car begins with the exterior. Consequently, faded or chipped paint or scratches present a bad first impression. The car’s interior with missing knobs, broken accessories, clutter, and bad odors scares buyers away. Under the hood revealing a greasy and dirty engine and parts screaming for costly repairs. Similarly, don’t let your home fall into these poor first impressions.

Above all, three visuals affect the home buyers first impressions of your home:

  1. Photos on the internet;
  2. Curb appeal when buyers drive by; and
  3. Buyers viewing your home.


High-quality photos on the internet must spark buyers’ interest. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words”. Therefore, take high quality photos of your home exterior and interior to arouse buyers.

In contrast, poor quality photos create a negative first impression. Usually resulting in buyers wanting to look at another home’s photos.

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is a popular real estate sales phrase. Looking from the curb, is the home appealing to buyers? A great home buyers first impression should make buyers fall in love with your home rather than driving away without a second glance.

Love, at first sight, begins with your home’s curb appeal. A neatly landscape yard in front of a well-kept home entices buyers to get out of the car and look inside. Hence, a “fresh lush green” lawn and coordinated color scheme foliage lure buyers to take a closer look.

Upon nearing your home, buyers will appreciate a freshly painted front door with a shiny doorknob. A front porch free of clutter showing off planters with fresh flowers and a new welcoming door mat baits buyers inside. Don’t turn buyers off with peeling paint, chipped woodwork, or messy front porches.

Good curb appeal also requires constantly mowing and trimming the front lawn. Keep removing fallen leaves. No toys, garbage cans, or lawn equipment scattered around the front yard. Hide the garden hose, trim the shrubs, and make the front walkway easy to maneuver to your front door.

Above all, an enticing curb appeal attracts buyers into your home which increases your chances of a sale.

Furthermore, luring curb appeal leads to love, at first sight.

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home buyers first impressions

Home Interior Enrichments

First of all, the condition of your home interior provides buyers with a view of how you take care of it. As a result, you want buyers to see a well maintained home. In contrast to a home needing costly maintenance and expensive repairs.

• Clean homes raise value. The importance of a clean home from top to bottom can never be overstated. Buyers hate dirt. Unclean homes make buyers think of neglect, high maintenance, and costly repairs. Hiring a professional cleaning service for your entire home is a cheap investment when it raises your home value.

• Clear the clutter. Once a buyer walks inside your home love, at first sight, should continue with the entryway. A buyer needs space to dream about how to decorate and furnish each room. Clutter-free rooms appear larger. Store your unnecessary furniture, toys, personal mementos, clothes, little-used appliances, and excess home decor out of sight.

• Uncluttered countertops and tables. Bathroom counters should be empty. Tabletops must be neat. The dining room table should only have one item. The living room coffee table and your office desk should be tidy. Buyers need to see clear tables with no distractions to think about how they may use the room their way.

• Sparkling bathrooms appeal. Remove every stain and make sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets sparkle. Hang fresh towels on nice racks. Every drain must run smoothly. Repair loose and missing caulking and tiles. New shower curtains and bath mats work wonders.

• Clean kitchen allures. The kitchen is the center of a family’s daily living. Hide all clutter including dirty dishes in the sink and drying dishes on the rack. Remove all countertop appliances so buyers can see how much room the counters contain. Clean the ventilating hood over the stove, the oven, and the refrigerator. Fix anything not working. Replace broken or worn out flooring.

• Bedrooms look inviting. All of the bedrooms should look clean, neat and organized. Store all clothes, toys, and towels out of sight.

• Brighten rooms by opening curtains, drapes, and blinds so natural outside lighting enhances rooms. Interior rooms with no windows need to have their lights on using bright bulbs. Rooms with an open, airy feeling comfort buyers making them feel welcomed.

• Make rooms look larger by storing furniture taking up too much space. Buyers need to look inside a room and begin thinking about how their furnishings will fit.

• Roomy closets increase value as neat, clutter-free organized closets appear larger.

Additional Home Improvements

• Minor repairs increase price. Fix everything buyers could notice like dripping faucets, sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs and cabinet hinges. Replace missing windows and repair broken window screens.

• Sniff for unpleasant odors. Because bad smells in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pet rooms and garages turn buyers off. Buy a strong aerosol spray to mask the odors. Install an electric 24/7 aerosol system to keep the rooms smelling pleasant. However, some odors may require professional removals like hidden mold and pet urine.

• Tidy garage. Some people tend to be pack rats and store all kinds of things in the garage. Most noteworthy, a neatly organized garage sends a clear message to buyers that the home is clean, clutter free and well maintained.

• Offer extra security. Protect your valuables when strangers view your home. Therefore, install a small safe to lock away your jewelry, cash, cameras, and other important items. Not only will this protect your valuables, buyers will notice it too and will often ask if the safe is included with their purchase.

Enhance Showings

Finally, get the most out of buyer viewings. Prior to your Realtor® bringing buyers to view your home, here are a few helpful tips:

• Pets need to be kept away from the home during showings. Some buyers may not like certain pets or are allergic to them. In addition, hide the pet toys, food bowls, litter boxes, and pet beds as they may distract buyers.

• Remove backyard distractions. Keep the lawn cut, trim the bushes, and hide the toys. Don’t keep your pets in the backyard during showings. Consequently, fewer distractions focuses buyers on what they can do with the backyard. 

• Crowds distract. Let your Realtor® show your home in private. Too many strangers make buyers uncomfortable and pressured preventing them from asking important questions about your home. Therefore, leave your home before a showing, but be available to take calls and answers buyers’ questions.

Positive First Impressions Sells Homes

How to create positive home buyers first impressions focused on what buyers see. Hence, appealing visuals encourage buyers to purchase your home.

Most importantly, they will improve the way your home looks while adding value.


Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger


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