Searching for your dream home in San Diego takes time. RealScout comes to San Diego to help home buyers in 2021 making home searches easier.

 Big Block Realty and RealScout launch their partnership in San Diego soon.

RealScout, a San Francisco-based real estate tech company has created a unique buyers data system like no other.

The RealScout tool allows brokerages to get insights from local anonymous buyers’ data. They call their new innovative tool the “RealScout’s Buyer Graph”. This hi-tech tool allows brokerages to share “real-time anonymized buyer data and habits”.


RealScout Comes to San Diego to Help Home Buyers Find Dream Homes Faster in 2021


Big Block Realty will soon help San Diego area buyers find their dream homes faster and efficiently by partnering with RealScout.


What is RealScout?


RealScout, based in San Francisco provides a high technology home search platform for real estate agents to work with buyers more effectively.

The entire home buying process now focuses on the fulfillment of buyers’ wants and needs instead of basic property features.

This search platform lets home buyers gain access to local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) proprietary home listings information like never before.

Basic MLS home listing information includes:

  • Listing status – If a home is an active listing or pending sale, or already sold;
  • Zoning – The property’s zoning determines the type of structure allowed on the property like a single-family home or multiple family housing;
  • Year built – Lets buyers know how old the structure is;
  • Fireplaces – The number of fireplaces in the structure;
  • Number of stories – Whether the structure contains one or more stories;
  • Square footage – Total square footage of the structure;
  • Square footage of the lot – The total square footage in the entire lot (land);
  • Sales type – If the property sale is standard, foreclosure, probate, or a short sale;
  • Listing price – The current list price and prior adjustments;
  • Price per square foot – Breaks down the listing price by total square feet and if sold the sales price by the square foot;
  • Days on the market – How many days since the listing has this property remained available; and
  • Photos – Some listing agents only show the front exterior while others provide exterior and interior photos.

Can you decide to buy a home based on this information? Probably not.

Only after viewing MLS home listings that looked appealing, do buyers realize finding their dream home requires more time and effort. That’s because MLS listings information doesn’t give you enough.


RealScout Uses MLS Information with Buyers’ Insights


With RealScout, the buyer’s agent opens up a new world of searching local homes for sale in the greater San Diego area.

Besides MLS listings’ basic information, RealScout ups the ante by adding more features to that data. This allows Big Block Realtors to focus on the specific qualities home buyers seek. Instead of relying on basic MLS property information, you get the RealScout Buyer Graph.

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What is the RealScout Buyer Graph?


This is where RealScout separates itself from MLS and other property search platforms.

The Buyer Graph uses machine learning technology (a newer version of Artificial Intelligence “A.I”) to locate houses that buyers overlooked during their previous searches. This becomes a consistent problem for buyers when over a thousand San Diego area homes for sale appear in the searches.

The problem gets worse with new listings added every day! So, what’s the solution?

The Buyer Graph learns what buyers look for in their search histories and preferences. Then, it makes suggestions for the buyer and his/her agent.

For example, before working with a Big Block Realtor a buyer will independently conduct property searches in the greater San Diego area. According to The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR), housing statistics showed 1,411 detached homes for sale in March of 2021.

Overwhelmed by too many homes for sale the buyer contacts Big Block for help. Big Block Realtors can now help buyers by using the RealScout Buyer Graph.


How to Use RealScout Home Searches in San Diego


It accesses all local MLS listings including your agent and every other member of the MLS.

Follow these 16 steps to perform RealScout San Diego home searches:

  1. You must contact a Big Block Realtor to access the RealScout Buyer Graph;
  2. Meet with your Big Block Realtor to create a specific buyer’s profile inputting your particular search criteria,
  3. Your Big Block Realtor uses his/her software program to let you log into your specific “My Homes” page;
  4. All homes matching your specific criteria come up. Then you click each home photo to view all the photos and the home’s information (details);
  5. When you see a home you like to see, click a button for a showing;
  6. This brings up a calendar where you can choose what day you want for the showing;
  7. The calendar page allows you to send a message requesting the best times for the showing to your Big Block agent;
  8. Your agent receives an email notification and arranges the showing;
  9. Save the home in a favorites list by clicking “Saved Homes”;
  10. Click the “Hide” button for viewed homes you don’t like;
  11. Each home listing preview contains a “Compare” button. It compares saved homes for a side-by-side comparison on the same screen;
  12. The software automatically sorts similar photos (living room, kitchen, master bedroom, etc.) to compare them side-by-side;
  13. Use the “Map Search” tab on top of the main page to view homes in specific geographical areas;
  14. Filter search results using five criteria like minimum and maximum price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a custom filter;
  15. Click the down arrow in the “Map Search” top right corner to view schools displayed with orange pins; and
  16. You can add commute options (schools, work address, etc.) which allows viewing the distance to every commute location.

Note: Your home search success depends on completely filling out your profile. The software algorithms need all the information to do their magic for a successful home search. Your profile asks about your likes and dislikes so they appear with each listed home.




When RealScout comes to San Diego to help home buyers in 2021 home searches become easier.

Big Block Realty partners with RealScout to provide unique hi-tech San Diego area home searches catered to each buyer’s wants and needs.

Buyers disappointed with MLS and other property search platforms will become happy with what RealScout offers. Instead of raw information, the unique RealScout Buyer Graph uses each buyer’s desires based on the buyer’s profile.

The entire home buying process now focuses on the fulfillment of buyers’ wants and needs instead of basic property features.  

Look at the RealScout home search tool like a dating service matching the user’s likes and dislikes with available homes. No more basic property information during home searches. Based on your profile, each listed house appears showing your likes and dislikes about the house.

The RealScout Buyer Graph takes home searches to a new level. The ability to focus on home searches based on your likes and dislikes is like no other. Viewing comparisons of homes you saved with photos of the same rooms side-by-side on the same screen makes it easier to choose the one you prefer. Making an appointment for a showing becomes easier.


Want Access to the RealScout San Diego Area Home Searches?


Contact us to learn more about this important hi-tech home search platform. Let one of our Realtors help you find your dream home in the greater San Diego area faster than ever.


Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger



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