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South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate Spotlight 1


Welcome to our South Oceanside neighborhood real estate spotlight.

A recent blog post here covered the City of Oceanside which includes the South Oceanside neighborhood. However, we feel that this particular neighborhood deserves special attention due to its unique character.

The locals call this neighborhood South O’ instead of South Oceanside. South O’ sits between the scenic historical Pacific Coast Highway (formerly Highway 101) and Oceanside Boulevard. It covers the southwest section of the City of Oceanside.

Its boundaries include Interstate 5 on its east, Oceanside Boulevard on its north, the Pacific Ocean to its west, and the Buena Vista Lagoon to it south.

The South O’ residents provide a warm atmosphere with a laid back feel. Many families’ roots go back several generations. Surprisingly, South O’ offers one of the last affordable beach neighborhoods in Southern California.


Introduction to the South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate


Buying real property in South O’ whether a condo unit, a townhome, or a single-family home offers affordable housing options.

This laid back beach community provides all the beach lifestyle amenities. In addition, surfing, bike riding, and skateboarding became the most popular pastimes in South O’. Also, many locals took up home brewing with some starting their own small breweries.

The local business establishments include boutiques, cafes, surf shops, coffee shops, and skate shops. Often described as “quaint” shops and eateries. They created an active entrepreneurial spirit for South O’. New businesses enjoy fast word of mouth amongst the locals.

South O’ residents love the small town environment and intend to keep it that way. This way, anyone loving to stay fit, eat, drink, socialize, kick back, enjoy the sun, or raise a family fit in well in South O’.

That’s why South O’ maintains a reputation as an eclectic community.


South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate Spotlight 2


South Oceanside Real Properties


South O’ provides a variety of housing, includes mobile homes to beachfront estates.

Detached single-family homes make up less than half of the South O’ housing. Most of the homes built before 1980 with nearly 100 homes built before 1939. Most homes have ocean views and beach access.

Condo units, townhomes, and mobile homes maintain prices lower than their surrounding communities.


South Oceanside Real Estate Market Trends


Redfin real estate site indicates these current real estate market trends for South O’:

Somewhat competitive as South O’ scores 48 points out of 100. Meaning that many homes sell for around 3% less than listing price and go pending for about 37 days; and

During February of 2019, the average sales price for a home was $829,000 ($654 per square foot).

Redfin also describes South O’ transportation as:

  • Somewhat walkable;
  • More so bikeable; and
  • Some transit available with nearby public transportation options.


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Two Oceanside’s


San Diego Magazine in 2017 published a story about the two Oceanside’s: the touristy downtown and South O’. Because most of the city’s redevelopment money went to its downtown several years before, South O’ started a “little revolution”.   

Charlie Anderson, known as the “mayor of South O’” who owns Coal Fire Pizza teamed up with locals Aaron and Roddy Browning of the Flying Pig Pub to build up the South O’ neighborhood. Other locals joined them to startup several businesses like Brixton Apparel and Nixon Watches.

In essence, the San Diego Magazine story claims that South O’ residents help each other’s businesses. They snub outsiders who don’t understand or follow local business culture. For instance, if an outsider opens a pizzeria next to a local already operating a pizza business, the locals make life unpleasant for the outsider.

Yet, the story points out that South O’ welcomes outsiders investing in the neighborhood. They want outsiders to blend in and not competing against established business.

Thus, if you want to invest in South O’ you need to conform to local culture and not compete against local business. It’s better to figure what type of new business South O’ needs and provide it. That will help your business to gain acceptance from locals and thrive.


South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate Spotlight 3


South Oceanside Restaurants


The best known is the Beach Break Café, a local hangout. Yelp rates this hangout with a 4.5 Stars (out of 5) from 2,488 reviews for their great breakfasts and brunch, coffee and tea. Reviewers love their Seafood Scramble and Coffee Cake. Also, Banana Crunch and French toast scored high too.

Yelp along with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce also recommends the following restaurants in South O’:

Angelo’s Burgers, 2035 South Coast Hwy.;

Captain’s Grounds Coffee, 1832 S Coast Hwy.;

Hill Street Donut House, 1926 S. Coast Hwy.;

Don’s Country Kitchen, 1938 South Coast Hwy.;

Hon Sushi, 1733 South Coast Hwy.;

Kona Hut Coffee House, 1940 South Freeman St.;

Privateer, 1706 South Coast Hwy.;

Panca Peruvian Chicken, 1902 South Coast Hwy.;

Revolution Roasters, 1836 South Coast Hwy.; and

Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub, 1815 South Coast Hwy.


South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate Spotlight 4


South Oceanside Parks and Recreation


Besides the beach, South O’ offers several good parks for its residents such as:

Buccaneer Park, a four-acre park across the street from the Buccaneer Beach. Provides picnic tables, playground equipment, barbecue grills, multipurpose field, a basketball court, and snack bar.

Lion’s Club Park is only a half-acre park on Broadway and Cassidy Street providing a picnic area with BBQ grills.

Marshall Street Park and Swim Center provide picnic tables, sand area, playground, and a swimming pool all with ocean views.

The South Oceanside School Park offers a baseball field, a multipurpose field, playground equipment, tennis and basketball courts. Located at the corner of Stewart Street and Cassidy Street.

Loma Alta Slough offers a 107-acre coastal wetland north of Buccaneer Park. The 7-mile Loma Alta Creek feeds the slough. Plenty of native and non-native plants on the creek and slough providing a home for over 100 species of wildlife. Residents and visitors enjoy bicycling, bird watching, and picnicking.

Buena Vista Lagoon situated on the southern border of South O’. A 222-acre ecological and coastal wetland reserve. Locals love to go fishing here. Their Buena Vista Audubon Nature Center loved by families offering nature trails, school programs, guided nature walks, a library and plenty of exhibitions.


South Oceanside Neighborhood Real Estate Spotlight 5 


South Oceanside Schools


South O’ served by the Oceanside Unified School District. The local schools include:

South Oceanside Elementary School offering K – 5 public schooling with an active Parent Teacher Organization with a website. Great Schools ranks South O’ Elementary School with 4 out of 5 Star rating from 34 parents reviews.

Saint Mary, Star of the Sea School, a Roman Catholic school fostering emotional, physical, and intellectual development of their students. A junior high school for grades 6 through 8;

Children’s House of Oceanside Montessori School offering pre-school classes; and

Santa Margarita Elementary School, teaching grades K – 8 with Great Schools giving them an 8 (out of 10) rating.


In addition, plenty of trade schools, culture, and art classes like the Oceanside College of Beauty, martial arts studios, dance schools, artistic classes at the local gallery, and an acting studio.




Our South Oceanside neighborhood real estate spotlight reveals one of the last affordable beach neighborhoods in Southern California.

This beach community offers all the beach lifestyle amenities along with a warm atmosphere with a laid back feel.

South O’ provides unique commercial opportunities within a tight-knit neighborhood supporting local businesses.

In addition, South O’ offers a variety of great restaurants, schools, parks, and outdoor recreation.

Check out South O’ affordable real estate offerings with us today.

Contact Us to learn more about what unique amenities the South O’ neighborhood offers your entire family.

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