Home Staging Tips That Arouse Buyers


These home staging tips that arouse buyers leads to faster and higher priced sales.

In truth, buyers decide on emotion rather than practicality.

The purpose of “curb appeal” focuses on arousing positive emotional interest from buyers. A while ago, we published a post here explaining how to create buyers’ positive first impressions. Here  

Home staging stimulates the emotion of “feeling like home” in buyers’ minds. It’s not the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or square footage that sells homes. Its feelings that sell.

Home staging should impact prospective buyers. They must envision already living there. “Yes, this feels like home”.

That’s why home staging sells homes by cultivating that special feeling.


Definition of Home Staging


Home staging begins with the mindset that you are not selling your property. Rather, you’re selling buyers their new home. This means your house must look like theirs and not yours.

That’s why you must hide certain items in your home like:

  • Family photos;
  • Your children’s drawings on the fridge;
  • Sports schedules on the fridge;
  • Laundry and shoes;
  • Personal toiletries; 
  • Sports memorabilia;
  • Dishes in the sink and counters;
  • Pet smells you don’t notice anymore;
  • Pet beds and toys; and
  • Junk mail.

 In other words, de-personalize your home to look neutral.

Also, get rid of all clutter, make necessary home repairs, paint and caulk bathrooms. Set the stage so your home puts on a show.


Most Important Rooms to Stage


No need to make your home a photo shoot for Better Homes & Gardens. Yet, proper staging increases sales pricing. A National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey of buyer’s agents showed 46% of them claiming home staging increased the sales price up to 10%.

This same survey showed that the most important rooms for staging:

  • Kitchen;
  • Living Room; and
  • Master Bathroom.

 Let’s explore these rooms.


The Kitchen


Replace old appliances, clear the countertops, and give a face-lift to your cabinets with new fixtures and fresh paint.

Arouse buyers’ senses by arranging atmospheric features in the kitchen. For instance, a couple of cookbooks, a bowl of fresh fruit, placemats, and flowers.

Some agents report that baking cookies in the oven create a wonderful smell. Top that off by offering warm cookies to prospective buyers. The smell and warm taste create the illusion of what their future kitchen offers.


The Living Room


Most people find subtle patterns and neutral colors appealing in a home. Creating a warm, inviting, and comfortable feeling begins with the living room.

People like to put up their feet on a comfy couch with a pillow or two in the living room.

Try to coax a potential buyer into settling down on the couch. Look at it like test driving a car before buying.


The Master Bathroom


The master bath must inspire tranquility.

Hide the damp towels and replace them with nice fluffy white towels. Place small soft white towels in an attractive wicker basket. Put some spa-like body products on the counter.

Hang a fluffy white bathrobe and light a couple of unscented candles to create an aura of relaxation.

Consider making a few small upgrades in your master bathroom. Like towel rackets, faucets, mirrors, and lighting.

Hang a new shower curtain and empty the medicine cabinet. Clean every corner and surface.


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Visit Furniture Stores for Home Staging Ideas


Not to buy new furniture.

But, to view the settings they create around the dining room sets, bedroom sets, and love seats and couches. Pay attention to the extra items making the furniture more attractive. Shoot for the same allure when staging your home:

  • Hang a mirror in the front hall and living room;
  • Hang new or clean drapes;
  • Put up some paintings or scenic pictures;
  • Place recent issues of popular magazines on the coffee table;
  • Replace outdated light fixtures;
  • Plants liven up rooms;
  • Add a few accent color items to each room like a throw blanket, a vase, or picture frames; and
  • Place a practical appliance like a coffee maker on the kitchen counter.   

Less furniture in each room makes them appear larger and focuses on the primary purpose (like a playroom, a guest room, or an office).

Keep the garage and closets tidy with fewer items making them look larger.

Tip: Keep props neutral like the colors in rooms. No political or religious props.


Home Staging Costs


Sure, home staging takes time and costs money. But, contemplate how much to spend to increase your home’s value up to 5%.

Depending on your budget, consider using a professional home staging company. Their costs depend on your home size and how much staging to do.

If your house is empty you must rent and transport staging furniture and props. But, if you occupy your home then spend the time to clean and tidy it up and decide what repairs and props you need.


Another Alternative: Virtual Home Staging to Arouse Buyers


Nowadays you can create a computer-generated “virtual Home staging” for online prospective buyers. They take a virtual tour of your home furnished and displaying different colors in every room.

Virtual home staging comes with pros and cons. The pros include these advantages:

  • Flexibility to redesign each room in your home in a variety of ways appealing to different buyers;
  • Cheaply “furnish” your entire home creating an inviting warmer impression; and
  • Showing potential buyers various possibilities for each room, even how it looks empty.

One disadvantage to virtual home staging is limiting your home to only online viewers. When a potential buyer wants to personally view your home you need to stage it anyway.


Sell Faster with Home Staging


You want to sell your home as fast as possible. Home staging lets you turn a simple walk through into a unique experience arousing positive emotions.

You transform your home into an appealing “this feels like home” environment to potential buyers.     


Home Staging Tips That Arouse Buyers Conclusion


The home staging tips that arouse buyers suggested here try to stir “it feels like home” emotions for a faster sale at a higher price.

You only need to stage the kitchen, living room, and master bathroom. Furniture stores provide excellent staging ideas with the ways they stage their furniture sets.

Virtual home staging gives you the flexibility to highlight each room with different colors and furnishings.


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